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Anyone been to Legoland this week.....wondered how busy its been as going tommorrow and want to draw up plan of action!

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pepsi Wed 01-Jun-05 13:52:30

Off to Legoland tommorrow. Wondered what its been like there so far this half term. Have got a pass so its not end of the world if busy for us. Went on an inset day after Easter and is was jam packed. Havent tried anything in the Imagination Centre yet so might do that. Is it best to do that first or save it to the end of the day.

desperatehousewife Wed 01-Jun-05 13:52:53

love the look of it - but OMG - it's SO expensive isn't it?

MarsLady Wed 01-Jun-05 14:12:04

there's a thread on this somewhere. Sorry no time to look as visitors have arrived

janinlondon Wed 01-Jun-05 14:45:19

We were there on Sunday - not too bad in terms of people and queues. Apparently it was fairly quiet on Saturday too. Only problem was the number of people smoking in the queues!!

sweetheart Wed 01-Jun-05 14:57:37

We went yesterday - my friend heard them counting admissions in the admin room whilst she was bf'ing in teh bf'ing room - they had 11,000 people yesterday (thats paying guests remember and children under 3 are free)

The park itself didn't seem too crowded - although we did have to queue for about an hour on each ride.

I'd also recommend taking a picnic coz the food queues were quite big too!!!


sweetheart Wed 01-Jun-05 15:01:46

Also, I'd recommend going to the bit where the show (the outside water bit with the lighthouse) is either before 12 or after 4 - this is when the shows are on and the area is considerably more busy between 12 and 4.

And I wish we'd gone into preffered parking. It's right by the entrance so you don't have to queue to get in and out of the car parks - it costs £5 per car (I think) but we had to sit in traffic for 1/2 an hour to get out the park.

Also the brochure says the park closes at 6pm this week but I think it's dependant on weather. We were there (on rides) till 7pm yesterday and they were still allowing people to queue for the rides.

pepsi Wed 01-Jun-05 18:03:32

An hour on each ride sounds like it was busy to me. We always go for a snack in the Pit Stop Cafe on the way out as that is open after the park closes, this way you beat the traffic.

roisin Wed 01-Jun-05 21:22:47

We were there on Tuesday. It was fine for the first couple of hours, but by lunchtime we were queueing for at least 45 mins for most 'big' rides. I overheard someone saying it was the busiest she'd seen it; but it was a particularly nice day.

We had a great time, and still went on loads of rides despite the queues
I got sunburned - whoops

We followed advice from Cod to get there early, walk down the hill (not wait for train), and head straight to what you most want to go on. (Driving school for the boys as neither of them had been old enough last time we went.)

pepsi Thu 02-Jun-05 08:35:31

We never seem to get there early, but often do the Hill Train as then they feel like they have had a ride and are less in a rush to get on something.

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