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Things to do in Runcorn for 1yo and 5yo on a wet day

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babygsmum Fri 21-Aug-09 07:57:58

Help was planning a picnic in the park, but looks like rain and I have to be in the Runcorn area - can anyone recommend anything - farms with indoor play/soft play etc...

Polgara2 Fri 21-Aug-09 08:08:19

Can you travel to Frodsham? Coco's Playbarn at Lady Heyes is good <disclaimer - haven't beem for a while but it used to be!> Hmmm not much in Runcorn unfortunately. There is Sue's Madhouse next door to the cinema - don't know what it's like though. Will have a think smile

serinBrightside Sat 22-Aug-09 18:51:41

Polgara2 Was just going to say the same thing, Coco's playbarn is still ok.

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