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Girly day out ideas please - with 5yr old

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beautifulgirls Thu 13-Aug-09 22:18:24

I would like to take DD (just 5yrs) for a special day out just her and me. She is very into pink/princesses/fairies and all things girly. Is there any such a place I could go that would be a bit of a wonderland for her in this respect - I don't mind her getting a bit of facepaint but I am not totally in love with the idea of thick make up on a 5 yr old if you get my meaning. I can't go on rides with her as heavily pregnant, so needs to be a display/play area type thing not a theme park as such.
We are based in the South East/Kent area but happy to travel out a little bit if needed. Does anyone have any nice ideas of places for early September that we could visit please?

nancy75 Thu 13-Aug-09 22:24:13

would she like the angelina ballerina ballet? its on late august in holand park london. the tickets are probably £££ but i know my dd would love it (going to book some tickets myself actually)
there is also a peter pan show in kensington palace gdns - again the tickets are £££ but its meant to be brilliant.

nancy75 Thu 13-Aug-09 22:24:36

sorry link for angelina ballerina king.html

twinklytoes Thu 13-Aug-09 22:37:28

how about disney princess on ice? we're seeing it in birmingham in october but not sure when the tour starts or where.

Karam Thu 13-Aug-09 23:22:26

Theatre is always a good idea. HSM/2 is touring at the mo, so is beauty and the beast and the Fifi show (although this may be a bit young for your DD). My DD (5) has seen all of these and loved them, but then she just loves the theatre.

A bit cheaper is a trip to the cinema. We're off to see Hannah Montana at the kid's club at the weekend. Anything like that?

Finally, my DD loves a day shopping now providing the centre has got a creche (she still can't handle a whole day), but lots of nice goodies to buy for her, lunch somewhere nice and perhaps stop off at one of those stalls to get little jewels painted onto her nails or something? My DD would be in heaven with that!

beautifulgirls Fri 14-Aug-09 21:28:14

Thank you for all the ideas - I know she would LOVE the disney princesses on ice, but sadly it is showing near us right when I am due to give birth so I daren't book tickets for that and am very sad for her to not be going - maybe another time if they show it.

I'll take a look for the Angelina Ballerina ballet - that sounds right up her street smile so if the dates work that could be a great option. If not then I was thinking a girly shopping trip with maybe nails or something to be done and lunch etc too.

cazzybabs Mon 17-Aug-09 10:08:23

the angelina balleria was fab - dd1 and 2 loved it....might be worth reading the story though to them before hand as I had to keep explaining things to dd2

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