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Dan y ogaf caves -National Showcaves of Wales

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booksbooksbooks Sun 09-Aug-09 20:34:56

has anyone been here and got any views on whether it was worth the money? we thought we might pop in on our way to a holiday cottage but I've just looked at the website and it's £46 (2adults, 3 children, 8,6,3).
Seems quite a lot for an hour or so. Or is it worth getting up earlier and getting there in time to spend half a day there, but leaving in time to get down to the cottage.

thanks for any opinions - good or bad.

abgirl Mon 10-Aug-09 10:59:39

We went last year with younger children and enjoyed it, not sure you could do it all in an hour though. There are 3 sets of caves and a kind of dinosaur park plus a cafe. We had some vouchers from a tourist brochure so worth looking at them if you stop at a service station. £46 does seem quite a lot for what's there...

haz29 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:01:06

hi! went there yesterday and really wouldn't recommend it. don't want to sound too negative, 2 of the caves were nice but it is ridiculousely expensive for what's there! saying that though the shire horse centre was closed ( not that we got a reduction in the entrance fee mind you!). my ds5 enjoyed but it's just the money thing ...i have spoken to people who enjoyed there which is why i went - i'm just assuming now that the shire horse centre is really good and we just chose the wrong day to go!!!

kslatts Sun 16-Aug-09 08:55:02

I think it's worth it because it's quite a unique attraction, £46 is quite expensive, but both my dd's really enjoyed it.

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