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Eating Out in Cheshire

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Marylouburns Wed 29-Jul-09 15:01:46

Can anyone reccomend anywhere in Cheshire or Greater Manchester that is good to go for lunch both for adults and kids.

I feel I'm going to the same places all the time.

MerlinsBeard Wed 29-Jul-09 15:05:32

Cheshire and greater manchester are HUGE can you narrow the area down a bit!!

Marylouburns Wed 29-Jul-09 18:18:30

Well Wilmslow and around that area.

vjg13 Thu 30-Jul-09 09:57:57

Wilmslow chains include Pizza Express and GBK which are ok. Felicinis which is always rubbish IMO. Trying to think of others...

MerlinsBeard Thu 30-Jul-09 13:35:07

There is the rectory gardens near the leisure centre-haven't been but only heard good things.

Just thought if a fab place but it's in Disley so bit far and the name of it has escaped me. It's opposite the train station and is a pizzeria type place (not a chain) where the children can make their own pizzas in the kitchen and they get discounted meals.

bottletopbill Thu 30-Jul-09 23:04:53

oh yes a place called The Grosvensor Arms at Farndon near Chester - we found it whilst staying at Carden PArk Hotel. Great food an great garden

wingandprayer Thu 30-Jul-09 23:13:04

What sort of food are you after ? Is it relaxed family meal or special occasion?

Sorry bottletop Grosvenor Arms is Aldford near Chester and is OK but is nowhere near Wilmslow.

Judd Thu 30-Jul-09 23:19:32

Is Bramhall near enough? Lots of nice places to eat there - all sort of main course £10 ish so depends on your budget. There is Ego, Napa, Piccolinos (Ego and Napa have children's menus). Cheadle Hulme has John Millington which is a nice wine bar/pub and allows children and the Olive Press.
All very nice food, IMO.

Judd Thu 30-Jul-09 23:22:58

Just thought of another - Romulus in Bramhall is a small Italian restaurant, very friendly and informal and cheaper than all the others! Children welcome !

jambutty Thu 30-Jul-09 23:33:03

The Grosvenor Farndon mentioned by BottletopBill is part of a chain, IIRC, which includes the Old Harker's in Chester and the Dysart Arms in Tarporley. I don't think they're particularly child-friendly, but that is just my opinion. They do Q.nice gastropub food.
Olive Tree does Pizza making (think there's one in Manchester city centre?), and there's a Giraffe in Manchester.

jambutty Thu 30-Jul-09 23:33:28

Olive Press sorry.

serinBrightside Thu 30-Jul-09 23:45:46 usually has 2 for 1 offers at Giraffe/GBK/Pizza express etc.

Clayhead Sun 02-Aug-09 19:31:26

Greens in Didsbury.

dcgc Sun 02-Aug-09 19:45:14

If you don't mind a bit of a drive, there's a lovely pub in a little village called Bunbury, called the Dysart. Food's great and reasonably priced and is family friendly.

cheekychopsmum Wed 05-Aug-09 11:48:57

I can never find any with beer gardens/swings in the south manchester/trafford area. Any suggestions?

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