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Bridgewater Factory Tour - with 4 / 6 & 10 yo?

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LynetteScavo Mon 27-Jul-09 22:15:17

Or not?

Has anyone been?

It doesn't say no young children on their web site, like other potteries do.

VulpusinaWilfsuit Mon 27-Jul-09 22:19:45

In Stoke?

I think that is one of the ones with pot painting and haven't been but know people that have... Gladstone pottery museum and Ceramica both v good for kids also though, as is the Potteries museum in Hanley!

islandofsodor Mon 27-Jul-09 22:29:41

You have to book in advance anyway so why not phone and ask?

My dd loves the Potteries Museum which isn;t far away. They have a kids trail and lots of holidayactivities at the moment.

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