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North East of England Tomorrow??????

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DLI Fri 24-Jul-09 18:17:47

Hi, can anyone recommend anything to do with ds (aged 5) in the north east tomorrow. Don't want to got the airshow at Sunderland!


Haribosmummy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:21:17

What's he into?

There is the transporter bridge in Middlesboro which is pretty good fun at that age.

There is the Nuclear Powerstation in Hartlepool which (used to) have a cool visitors centre. I'm guessing it's still there.

There is the Historic Quay in Hartlepool too, but I'm not honestly sure how much fun that is!

Newcastle Quayside is good... Can't remember the art gallery there, but it's good - but not sure for 5YOs.

The MetroCentre has the kidszone place - but I suppose that's a bit 'could be anywhere'

Whitby is nice for a seaside resort.

Or HighFall / Hadrian's wall if he's nature minded?

Or seal watching at Seahouses?

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