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is 3 too Young for the York Dungeons?

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mustsleep Wed 22-Jul-09 10:29:32

Hi we are trying to think of days out round Yorkshire for the family this year as we are not going on Holiday this year

we aren't overly flush so don;t want ot have to spend loads

we were thinking of the York dungeons as ds (7) would love this but we have a 10 month old and dd3 - I have never been do you think that they will be scared?

ChopsTheDuck Wed 22-Jul-09 10:33:01

yes, defo.

I don't actually think I could take any of mine, my 7yo and 9yo would be scared too.

Curiousmama Wed 22-Jul-09 10:34:32

Can you or your dh/dp do somthing with the young ones whilst the 7 year old goes on with one of you? Ds1 went on when younger than 7 and he was ok.

fluffyanimal Wed 22-Jul-09 10:35:28

I wouldn't take a 3 year old, unless you want to try to explain why people in the old days found it necessary to saw each other in half lengthways whilst still alive.

Can recommend York Castle Museum, Clifford's Tower, the National Railway Museum, the York big wheel, Jorvik (although pricey)...

sweetnitanitro Wed 22-Jul-09 10:36:19

It's been a while since I went (OK, about 10 years!) but assuming it hasn't changed much then I would say it is too scary for a 3 year old. It was also quite gory iirc, lots of torture scenes and whatnot and it was quite dark in there.

If you've ever been to Madame Tussauds it's quite similar to the chamber of horrors (if that's still there, I haven't been there for years either!)

Curiousmama Wed 22-Jul-09 10:41:28

There's lots of stuff going on at NT and English Heritage sites around Yorkshire.
Agree rail museum is brill and free!

Northernlurker Wed 22-Jul-09 10:57:36

The dungeon is horrible - I wouldn't take a 7 year old let alone a three year old. The York wheel doesn't exist anymore but the Catle museum is good, as is the railway museum.

mollyroger Wed 22-Jul-09 11:00:42

tbh, i think Dungeons is too much for even 7 year old...

Take them to Creepy Crawleys on outskirts of york - fantastic indoor and outdoor soft play

Also the waterworld type place is fun for children (though i hate it)

mumblechum Wed 22-Jul-09 11:02:11

If it's anything like the London Dungeons they'll be totally freaked out and you'll have to take them out pronto.

notagrannyyet Wed 22-Jul-09 11:05:53

York Dungeons scared me! Take them to the Railway Museum instead. The Castle Museum is great too but very expensive for a family last time we went.

mustsleep Wed 22-Jul-09 11:11:32

lol thanks everyone...glad I checked!!

going to have a look at some of these places suggested are there anymore easily accessable by bus or train as we don;t drive grin

mustsleep Wed 22-Jul-09 11:13:48

so what is Jorvik then £26 isn't that bad for the day compared to Lightwater Valley and Flamingo Land lol

sweetnitanitro Wed 22-Jul-09 11:24:19

Jorvik is a museum with a ride that goes through a recreated Viking village. It's good fun but it won't last the day, maybe a couple of hours at most.

fluffyanimal Wed 22-Jul-09 11:25:34

Jorvik is pricey because you are in and out in about an hour. It's a tour round a recreated Viking village in a little electric cart. It is quite interesting though. The Castle Museum is better value because your ticket is valid for unlimited visits in a year.

You can also do things in Leeds e.g. Royal Armouries (I think that's free, and they have fun things like reenactments, jousting and falconry), Tropical World and Roundhay park.

mustsleep Wed 22-Jul-09 11:28:01

aahhh I see lol - -I suppose if I was going to York for the day we could do jorvik and the NRM

Might have to visit the Royal Armouries seeing as how we are in Leeds not sure if the kids would think it was boring but didn;t realise they did reenactments etc

bruffin Wed 22-Jul-09 11:38:11

My DD was 9 when we went and was so scared she refused to get in the car. The staff were brilliant with her and showed us a short cut to the end and let us wait until DH and DS came round and let me on from there and Ds was allowed to go round again.

mollyroger Wed 22-Jul-09 12:09:35

Harrogate is nice for a day trip (easy train) as they have a fantastic new play park in the town gardens. Or Knaresborough (direct train, old castle, riverside walks, boats, charming market town etc)

Also scarborough is easy by train from York
And Pickering (lovely steam train station at Pickering - North York Moors railway)

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