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days out in the glorious north west

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misshardbroom Sun 19-Jul-09 10:04:24

I've got a week with the DCs in the North West and thought it would be good to have a few days out.

Any great suggestions near to the following:

Blackpool, at a push.

Anything off the beaten track would be interesting, I'm keen to avoid the biggest tourist traps. DCs are 5.11, 4.6, 3.2

Many thanks

purepurple Sun 19-Jul-09 10:12:25

Come to St Annes, a fantastic beach that goes on for miles and is great for building sandcastles and doesn't get too busy. The town centre is only a few minutes walk away, with lots of nice places to eat. We normally go to The Trawl Boat, which is a weatherspoons, but they are lots more to choose from and not a McDonalds in sight.
we have a few amusements, so won't break the bank
fairhaven lake is a lovely walk, has a bird sanctuary and a children's play area and a cafe ans is between St annes and Lytham on the inner promenade
if you go to Blackpool, go to the zoo and Stanley park which across the road
Farmer Parrs is about 25 mins from Blackpool, near Fleetwood and is a lovely day out for children, they have loads of animals, a museum, a cafe and you can have tractor rides. There are lots of tables if you wanted to take a picnic.
Near southport is Formby point, which has a forest and red squirrels. You can take a picnic and walk from the forest to the beach, which has lovely big sand dunes.

LuluMaman Sun 19-Jul-09 10:18:06

in southport there are the botanic gardens, you are near Crosby beach to see the anthony gormley statues, formby point for lovely beach and nature southport itself there is splashworld and lots of nice places to eat and shops to look around

liverpool you hvae underwater street and loads of good shopping and the world museum

macnhester has many excelletn museums too and lots of stuff to do

you will have no problem filling a week with things to do

BikeRunSki Sun 19-Jul-09 10:27:10

I live in Yorkshire, but have been known to cross the Pennines!

Days out in Manchester
Lowry Gallery, Salford
Liverpool Tate
Manchester Imperial War Museum
Bike rides, walks etc in the Forest of Bowland fob
Lytham St Anne's beach - walk to Blackpool, play crazy golf on the way, chips butties for lunch and back for a cuppa in Lytham.
Walks at Dovestone Reservoir Dovestones
Quarry Bank Mill, Wilmslow out Review from yesterday's Guardian
Martin Mere Wetland Centre mere

misshardbroom Sun 19-Jul-09 12:01:33

purepurple, didn't know you were in St Anne's! (feel as though I know you from lots of stalking on Preschool board!!)

I should know all this because I'm from Southport originally, and indeed that's why we're going, because my parents are still up there... just need some fresh ideas of places to go and things to do.

These are some great ideas, folks, thanks very much.

serinBrightside Tue 21-Jul-09 20:28:34

Mine loved Stockley farm when they were that age, it is between Warrington and Northwich, so would be about an hours drive, but worth it!

Martin Mere WWT nature reserve has a play area and lots of activities to join in, (and ducks and geese!).

Tatton Park, good for deer, play area and kids farm and great gardens.

Manchester airport viewing area, you get really close to the planes as they take off, and it's fairly close to Tatton so you could do both on the same day.

Haigh Hall, near Wigan, great, take bikes and cycle through the huge woodlands, also good play areas. Cheap as chips as you only pay for parking.

Happy Hol's

Ceebee74 Tue 21-Jul-09 20:33:58

Was going to mention Formby Point but see others have beat me to it - the beach is just lovely there as is the walk through the forest - we go there quite a lot.

There is also a Wild Boar Park in Chipping (just outside Preston) - it really is in the middle of nowhere but is worth the visit. here is the website - it has some lovely nature walks with quizzes for the older ones plus you can feed the lambs/stroke the chicks and just wander round looking at the animals.

Although Chester Zoo is a tourist trap - it really is one of the best zoos around so definitely worth a visit.

talkingbook Thu 23-Jul-09 08:45:38

I agree with Ceebee.We always go to Chester zoo and the wild boar park Chipping near Preston when visiting the in laws and both are really good days out with children.

We also like to go for a walk in the trough of bowland and a meal at one of the pubs there such as the three fishes.

northender Thu 23-Jul-09 09:15:44

Another vote for Haigh Hall, Cuerden Valley Country park is good, near Leyland. Not busy at all during the week, abit odd as you're sandwiched between motorways but yet could be a million miles away. Beacon Fell near Preston. All three are free or nominal parking charge and have great amounts of space and woodland to run around for kids the age you have.

northender Thu 23-Jul-09 09:16:49

Another vote for Formby point and Crosby beach. Science museum in Manchester is excellent.

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