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things to do in london!

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FaceBoak Mon 13-Jul-09 20:17:30

dd (5) and i have a day i london. i haven't been near the place since she was born. i really don't want to do the buckingham palace thing.

i thought get off train. go to tate modern, eat have a wee look at stuff and then go and do something nice with dd.

ideas please.

FaceBoak Mon 13-Jul-09 20:22:10

thought natural history museum might be worth a visit

MrsMattie Mon 13-Jul-09 20:25:17

If she likes dinosaurs, the natural history dinosaur bit is fab. They also have a butterfly house with a little playground (although that bit isn't free - a fiver I think). Science museum is great, although hectic.

A boat down the Thames?

Diana Memorial playground?

Open top bus ride?

One of the parks?

FaceBoak Mon 13-Jul-09 20:28:50

yes thought open top bus would be good.

never mind her i want to see the dinosaurs!


mumof2222222222222222boys Mon 13-Jul-09 20:48:55

Might not fit in, but on Sat we went to see Going on a Bear Hunt at Duchess Theatre in London, followed by lunch at Carluccios. DSs (2 and 4) loved it.

Agree about museums - boys love both of those. London Eye? They also love the tube hmm

kiwibella Mon 13-Jul-09 20:51:51

walk along South Bank to the Tate... it's gorgeous. And, if it's warm there is a fab water fountain.

Don't forget the mecca, Hamleys Toy Shop on Regent St.

The Princess Diana playground is fabulous... and a very short walk from the Museums.

slug Mon 13-Jul-09 21:18:57

The Princess Diana playground in Kensington Park Gardens is DD heaven. We usually do that then walk down to Exhibition Row and take in the Science Museus/Natural History Museum/V&A, whichever is least crowded. To be honest, we usually go to the V&A which has good hands on stuff (put on a crinoline, do a tour with backpack, fashion or jewellery) and the tea rooms are expensive but stunning.

IlanaK Mon 13-Jul-09 21:25:30

Hyjack - mumof222222222222boys - was the show good? We are going tomorow courtesy of mumsnet (thanks!). I am taking three boys aged 8, 5 and almost 1. I know it is not aimed at 8 year olds, but he loved the Tiger Who Came to Tea last year. I am hoping they allow babies - they did at that show.

squeaver Mon 13-Jul-09 21:28:01

It's quite a long way from Tate to Nat History Museum.

I'd stick by the river.

FaceBoak Mon 13-Jul-09 22:39:11

thanks everyone!

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 14-Jul-09 13:21:02

It was fab - and babies were there!

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