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What to do in Newark on friday?

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BethAndHerBrood Sun 12-Jul-09 21:01:31

We shall be in newark on friday, from mid morning. Are there any must see/do things to see/do?


HolyGuacamole Mon 13-Jul-09 15:16:23


BethAndHerBrood Tue 14-Jul-09 17:33:16

Doesn't anyone live in newark? Has nobody ever been??

Why doesn't anyone go?

[doesn't bode well emoticon]

LIZS Tue 14-Jul-09 17:42:59

There's a castle ruin , and a canal ....

bigchris Tue 14-Jul-09 17:48:48

it's a small market town isn't it?

bigchris Tue 14-Jul-09 17:50:49

there's a library there i think
you'd probanly be better going into Nottingham for a whole day out

LIZS Tue 14-Jul-09 18:01:59

do you ahve to stay in Newark, with transport you could go here or here or explore Sherwood forest

BethAndHerBrood Tue 14-Jul-09 20:58:03

Thanks, looked at the links, bit pricey for a "filler", but might go to sherwood forest. Let the kids tire themselves out a bit. Walk round the town, bit of tea, sorted.

Thanks all.

boat trip on the river trent?

bottletopbill Wed 15-Jul-09 22:40:32

At NEwark near the bridge across from the castle ruin is a lovely park, sandpit, slide, swings, little pirate boat, picnic area and pay and display carpark. Train station quite near so several trains going by - my ds loves it!!!

If raining also bowling alley in town area (10mins walk from castle).

Zizzi's restuarant, Pizza Express and Waitrose all 3-5 mins from park. Waitrose do lunch boxes (same as John Lewis) for around £2.95 5 items and a drink. Macdonalds down the road.

they also have a market on the main square area on a Friday

BethAndHerBrood Thu 16-Jul-09 12:16:02

Thanks for that, the park sounds lovely. And I am very happy that Pizza Express has been mentioned. Now I need to find some vouchers!!

Weather sounds as if it's going to be grim though. Shall have to dig the waterproofs out.sad

tomgribbytheatrearts Wed 28-Sep-11 14:19:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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