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Travelling from Oxford to Peak District - somewhere fun to break the journey near B'ham please

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Notquitegrownup Sun 12-Jul-09 17:21:45

We are meeting up with relatives who are travelling up the M5, then all going to the Peak District together. Somewhere fun to spend a couple of hours in the Bromsgrove area, or further north, would be great. Could do Cadbury World, but we are en route, so it could be a bit sick making to then drive for 2 hours! W Midland Safari Park is a bit big for a shortish break. I seem to remember that there is a good farm centre in the area? Any other suggestions much appreciated.

abraid Sun 12-Jul-09 17:24:01

It's not really that long a journey: we can do it in about 2.5-3 hours (frequent travellers from south of Oxford to the Highlands). Do you really need to break it?

janeite Sun 12-Jul-09 17:27:45

The Birmingham Nature Centre is much nicer than Cadbury World!

There is also Hatton Country World, which is nice but maybe a bit more out of the way.

How old are the children?

elvislives Sun 12-Jul-09 17:27:50

Black Country Museum is in that area. We enjoyed it.

CarGirl Sun 12-Jul-09 17:29:16

We always stop of out IKEA!!!

Cheap food & they get a go in the play area grin

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