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Snibston discovery park and Conkers - near Coalville

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choufleur Sun 05-Jul-09 21:46:16

Has anyone been? and are they any good for a 3 year old DS? which is better?


meltedmarsbars Sun 05-Jul-09 22:55:37

Have been to both (live close).
Conkers has a huge parkland with teenagers assault course and lots of indoor stuff which I've not looked at.
IMO Snibstone is better for 3 y-o as it has real train and great outdoor waterplay channels and "lift a mini" display and lots of transport stuff and a pretend mining tunnel. Also has wildlife photography atm (or did recently), best to check here

Have a good day out!

meltedmarsbars Sun 05-Jul-09 22:56:26

btw schools in Leics finish 10th July so all attractions might be busier after then.

PerfectPrefect Sun 05-Jul-09 22:57:29

I would say Snibston....I can't really see what there is at conkers unless you like to pay for long walks round the countryside...

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