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Gullivers Kingdom- matlock Bath

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anyone been? i went as a child and have seen an ad on tv that Dora and Diego are there now!!!!

Wondered if it is any good my DC's are 4yrs and 16 months!!!!!

janeite Sat 20-Jun-09 17:23:17

No idea about Dora but we went last summer with children aged from 4 to 13 and had a lovely day.

thanks janeite, !!!!!

I used to go as a child and now take my DD. Some of the things that are there now I rememeber from 25 years ago! It is great and DD (8) loves it. Think she was 5 or 6 when we went first. Plently for a 4yo to do.

thanks for that Stripey,

Hther Tue 30-Jun-09 08:49:28

not been to this one but to milton keynes, it was brilliant, had 18m old, 3 1/2 and 5 year old. only downside was on some of the rides it was maximum of 1 adult 1 child so they fought over who went first. dora and diego are at all gullivers parks now

thanks hther

Doodle2u Sat 04-Jul-09 09:08:10

It's very hilly!

Your children are older, so should be OK. We did it when DD was still in pram - aaaagggghhhh, the thigh burn lasted three days!

Otherwise, it was a good day out smile

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