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Spas in London

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snickersnack Mon 18-May-09 22:07:34

Have been asked by my SIL for recommendations for London spas, and am feeling a bit vacant. I know there are hotel spas where you can go and have a single treatment, like the one at the Sanderson, but I think she's after something more like the Sanctuary where you can spend the whole day. Anywhere else anyone can recommend?

kiwibella Tue 26-May-09 15:52:04

Sanctuary is divine grin

CornishKK Tue 02-Jun-09 23:34:25

Bliss (Sloane Square) is lovely too. Or the Spa NK in Notting Hill.

Although the Sanctuary is probably better for a whole day.

I get bored after a couple of treatments and want to go for lunch/cocktails/shopping.....

fuzzywuzzy Tue 02-Jun-09 23:39:24

I think Lush now have a spa on kings road...

Earlybird Wed 03-Jun-09 04:32:48

Try this site:

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