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bristol this weekend - any ideas

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lucy01 Wed 27-Apr-05 20:46:45

I am going to take dds (3.5 and 15m) to bristol to see my mum this weekend. any suggestions/ideas what to do with them (v active pair of girls). thought of zoo and museum by docks but what else is good?

WideWebWitch Thu 28-Apr-05 19:02:22

Hi Lucy. The Zoo is good and they'll both like it I should think. It depends on what you want really and whether it's raining. I liked The Georgian House as a child because they've got a huge sunken bath and a sedan chair and I remember being fascinated by both because of the idea that servants had to fill the swimming pool sized bath and carry people around! Pizza Express is at the top of Park St (The Georgian House is on a road off Park St) too, as is the Museum and Art Gallery, here's the council museum page so you could do all 3 very easily.

I'm not mad keen on @Bristol but I know lots of people like it, maybe your girls are a bit young for it though. If you were walking near the docks though you could just go to the square outside @Bristol to eat lunch, there are fountains and a huge silver dome to look at. If you want outdoorsy stuff there's a fab bit of downs by the suspension bridge and you could go and look at The Camera Obscura which is interesting, and afterwards if your girls are up for it, there's a natural slide on the rock face (not as dangerous at it sounds!) or you could just walk around the downs/over the bridge. Post again if you want more suggestions or have something specific in mind. HTH

tortoiseshell Thu 28-Apr-05 22:24:37

Hi - our children love the Industrial museum, which is down by the docks, and as www says, the museum and art gallery on Park Row is nice - they've got a very good cafe with a very competent manager (you'll see what I mean if you go there!).

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