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ThinkTank in Birmingham - any use for an almost 4 year old?

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WigWamBam Wed 27-Apr-05 13:35:06

Dh thinks dd would enjoy ThinkTank, as she has a leaning towards science and maths, but I think she's probably too young for it, based on what info I can find out. Anyone been who can tell me whether it's worth going yet or waiting a while?

choccychic Wed 27-Apr-05 14:17:50

Haven't been myself, but my Dh took my Ds1 when he was 5.5 and they had a fantastic day, stayed there from opening to closing. Not sure that he would have been there as long if he had been 4 though. I guess it depends on the child and as I have no girls can't say if they would maybe enjoy it sooner. Maybe worth giving them a ring ? they often have theme weeks e.g electricity, and if it was something you thought might grab her you could give it a try. That said I can't remember how expensive it was so perhaps you need to be more sure before you fork out!!

WigWamBam Wed 27-Apr-05 14:42:58

It's £7 for an adult and £5 for a child, so I definitely want to be sure she'll enjoy it before I fork out! She's into "boyish" things like construction and motion, definitely into finding out how things work and why, which is why I thought she might enjoy it.

I might give it a go. Thanks

lucykatie Thu 28-Apr-05 18:12:53

we took dd1 age 5 and to be honest i didnt think it was much good......alot of the things to look at and do, wasnt working and also it seemed to be geared up for more older kids...i.e..8-9 years.

if you do go, the best bit is the kids play area where there is a mini pretend fast food cafe, thats ok and dressing up and water things but you will have to hang around for some time......which i find soooooo boring, i like to do things with the kids, suppose i am a kid myself. not eat at the cafe there......its horrible and soooooo expensive, i had a tastless pasta for 5.00, rubbish.

also good luck finding a ladies loo, if you see one, just go to it as you wont find another......nightmare.

Really do not know how anyone could spend all day in the place.

The imex cinema is next to it and that is......ok....but dont see bugs....RUBBISH.

Anyway after all my negative posting i will go and try to think of somewhere to go with my kiddies this weekend!!!!!

have fun whatever you do.

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 18:54:20

We went not that long ago and tbh it was rubbish. The kids did look at the stuff but it is much to much exspensive for what you get, and the cafes were crap, they had hardley any food.

WigWamBam Thu 28-Apr-05 18:59:28

Ah. Perhaps it's not such a good idea then! Thanks both, perhaps I'll have a rethink!!

philippat Thu 28-Apr-05 19:36:53

Have you got transport? If so, enginuity at Ironbridge is a better bet, I think - smaller (and a bit lacking on the cafe front) and still a bit pricey but seems set up for a wider range of age groups, haven't been since dd was 2-ish but she enjoyed it then.

Or... for free... Cosford isn't bad, there's an awful lot of planes which personally I find a bit of an acquired taste, but there's one section of scientific interactives for kids (you still need a car to get there, though) which dd has enjoyed

Or... Coventry Transport Museum... also free (note Coventry train station is in the middle of nowhere and a bit of a walk)... downstairs is very much cars cars and more cars but upstairs there's a new gallery 'futures' which has a really good range of interactives from computery ones to make-you-own-soft-play-car. We managed to get there just as they had a fire alarm but dd (currently 3.6) was really enjoying it
Transport Museum

Not many museums in the west midlands dd hasn't tried

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