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Thomas the Tank Engine in Northampton?

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DaddyCool Tue 26-Apr-05 15:05:04

this weekend? Apparently they've painted up actual steam trains and they go around on a tour of towns.

does anyone know where in n'hampton this is?

Gem13 Tue 26-Apr-05 15:45:34

We went to one in Kent recently. £26 for the 4 of us (£6 each for everyone over 1!!!)

DS (2.9) loved the digger by the side of the railway (would have been there anyway) and DD (14 months) loved waving a half full water bottle around.

Neither were impressed with the trains. The Thomas was real (I think?) but the other ones had plastic 'Thomas' faces stuck on the front. Sitting in an old carriage was like my commuter train pre-children.

Don't mean to put you off but we felt a bit cheated. Nobody's fault really, just pricey for not much wow from DS. Bit grumpy about having to pay for a 14 month old too.

Tommy Tue 26-Apr-05 15:56:11

We went to one in Hampshire recently. Had to pay child's fare for 2-16 which meant I had to pay adult fare for me and 2 child's fare for DS1 and nephew (aged 16) who came along to help. DS2 (20m) was free. Still worked out at £29!
But we had a really good day - DSs enjoyed it and nephew was (sadly) quite excited when he saw Thomas!

DaddyCool Tue 03-May-05 09:52:11

GEM13 - Yes, i see what you mean. this kind of sucked. We went on Sunday and though it wasn't a bad little day out, it was very expensive for what it was and i wasn't overly impressed with the painted ply-wood happy faces stuck on the front of old diesel engines. As you said, the only real one was Thomas and the others were just old rusty engines with some plastic faces hanging off the front. There were some kids there though who were insanely excited so i guess it was worth it for them but DS wasn't overly impressed and really just wanted to play in puddles.

Prettybird Tue 03-May-05 10:30:36

The Thomas Days Out must vary across the country. The one in Bo-ness is great - included in the price is bouncy castles, and a roundabout for while you are waiting and bouncy slides, roundabout swings, face painting, a magician, balloon blowers on the tain and at the other end. And as well as Thomas, there are a number of other steam engines - some just go back wards and forwards near the station blowing their whistles and steaming away to keep the kids excited, (black ones, made up to look like Donald/Douglas) and then one that goes up the track with the passengers, to the other station where the main entertainemnt is. There is only one diesel - with Evil Diesel's face on it - who ds loves to hate!

All in all a great day out - although I agree, not that cheap, but when everything is included, I think good value. It's £7 for everyone over 2 and £25 for a family ticket for 4.

Ds and his cousins love it.

bobbybob Wed 04-May-05 03:01:53

Someone has spent a great deal of time maintaining those old steam engines and so I wasn't in the least bit put out by the stuck on faces. Then again this was in NZ where we obviously get excited more easily (and the fact that it was about 3 quid for as many people as we could squeeze in a car)

Bob thinks any blue train is Thomas so he was okay.

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