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legoland is it worth paying for the q-bot

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storm10 Thu 09-Apr-09 13:47:26

going to lego land next week is it worth the money paying for the q-bot?? Is it likely to be very busy .any tips on the best things to do first .thanks

MrsPuddleduck Thu 09-Apr-09 14:08:19

We went last Saturday and it wasn't too busy. The wait for the India Jones Lazers and the Boating school was an hour to and hour and a half but the others were all 10-20 mins which was managable. You could go earlyish and try and get on those first.

PortAndLemon Thu 09-Apr-09 14:20:29

Are the schools back then? And are you going on a weekday or a weekend? We went on a weekday just before the schools broke up and there was virtually no need to queue, let alone use a Q-bot. Half the rides we could just stay on for as many rides round as we wanted, and almost all the rest we could get off, sprint round and get back on again. The only things we had to queue for at all were the laser shooting thing and the spin-you-round-on-pretend-jetskis thing (note my masterful grasp of Legoland names for things...)

PortAndLemon Thu 09-Apr-09 14:21:49

Oh yes, and we had to queue for about 10 minutes for Boating School, too.

storm10 Thu 09-Apr-09 14:49:31

thanks for that,going next thursday ,kids still off then around hear.will save some money and go early ,and try and go on the most popular rides .

skramble Tue 14-Apr-09 00:05:56

I got one when I was there I have no patience at the best of times, I forgot my free child voucher and had a really bad flu. Queued for ages for first ride we cam accross and I said *&^%& it and went back up to get queue bots. I would never have survivied the day without throwing a small child in a water feature.

I would wait until you are there to decide, quick look around will tell you if you need them.

LastOrders Tue 14-Apr-09 00:14:40

I went on a saturday, we managed 3 rides. It was awful, the queues were massive (2 hours for the log flume)

I was a quivering wreck by the time we left.

We then went 3 weeks later when the kids were back at school and the longest we queued for was 15mins. Me and DS had a brilliant time.

If you can afford it I would definately say get the Q-Bots. You'll have a better time.

LastOrders Tue 14-Apr-09 00:18:55

[[ info on kids go free vouchers]

Have a look at link.

Greens cake mixes are doing vouchers at the moment for free kids ticket with paying adult.

LastOrders Tue 14-Apr-09 00:20:02

try again

What you save on ticket you can spend on Q-bot!

storm10 Sat 18-Apr-09 18:34:54

That was the plan to use tesco vouchers and then get a q-bot,vouchers turned up late ,so had to pay ,did get free childrens tickets with the mail .really didnt fancy the idea of spending £40 for the q-bot,rip off £10 per person.
would of been great as it was really busy over 2hrs for the lazer riders,and 1.5hr for all the other big rides .good day was had by all even though we only went on about 4 rides . would def q-bot if going again in the holidays .

NancyBotwin Thu 22-Oct-09 20:56:14

Bumping this for any recent visitors... will be going during half-term week but we probably won't goon any of the really scary rides. The Viking Falls things is probably our limit... is it worth getting the Q Bot in that case?

MacaroonIncident Thu 22-Oct-09 20:56:47

went today
walkeed onto every ride

the lazer ride is shit

NancyBotwin Thu 22-Oct-09 21:03:09

It's not half-term everywhere though is it? I think I'll wait and see how busy it looks on the day.... think it wasn't too bad when we last went at Oct half-term

MacaroonIncident Thu 22-Oct-09 21:04:25

there were LOADS of scots there

NancyBotwin Thu 22-Oct-09 21:07:28

Shame the lazer ride is no good- thought my ds's would like that - as they are obsessed with Wiis etc

MacaroonIncident Thu 22-Oct-09 21:12:23

well i htought it was crap - boys though ti wwas ok
I met a woman who had qd for it for 2.5 hrs in the summer!
mine like "build and test" best. the most basic part of the park, and lego raacers.
the new jungle coaster was almost walk on at 11 am - we got to the front of the q and it went tech - with people still on!

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