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Blenheim Palace - buy a day ticket, convert it to an annual pass FOC

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Ready4anotherMiniEgg Mon 06-Apr-09 00:48:20

Info here

Looks like a good offer for anyone near enough to go a couple of timessmile

roisin Mon 06-Apr-09 03:04:56

Tis probably to placate the locals.
We used to live in Woodstock and used to get a free pass for access to the park, gardens, adventure playground, little train etc. My boys learned to pedal their trikes in Blenheim Park, we used to go there to collect conkers, feed the ducks, fly kites etc. I've even been sledging there. We used to go at least once a week all year round. [Roisin sighs wistfully of those halcyon days when the boys were tiny and she was SAHM.]

Now they've put additional gates up and access for locals is dramatically restricted.

granarybeck Tue 07-Apr-09 23:17:51

is there still an adventure playground in the grounds do you know?

Ready4anotherMiniEgg Fri 10-Apr-09 19:50:20

afaik there it is in the pleasure gardens.

greenaandg Tue 16-Feb-16 09:04:44

This page has now moved to here
The offer is still on, so if you buy one day ticket you get 12 months free entry. Great value if you are near by.

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