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Oxford child friendly pub/restaurant suitable for toddler

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Gingerbics Wed 18-Feb-09 20:51:51

Meeting friends in Oxford this sunday and as we don't know the town well wondered if anyone can help by recommending somewhere that won't be a nightmare. Thanks in advance!

pingping Thu 19-Feb-09 11:39:02

Are you meeting in the city? There is some lovely pubs all over Oxfordshire.

SobranieCocktail Thu 19-Feb-09 11:42:23

Pixxa Express in the Covered Market?

Browns on St Giles?

Cafe Coco at the top of Cowley Road is also very lovely.

ABetaDad Thu 19-Feb-09 11:50:02

Portabellos on South Parade in Summertown or even Mamma Mia Pizzaria next door - just a short bus ride from the centre to North Oxford.

ABetaDad Thu 19-Feb-09 11:51:45

Just be careful on pubs in Oxfordshire some are quite sniffy and unwelcoming to children if they see themselves as 'destination' restaurants.

The Bell in Charlbury is excellent quality food, is family run and very welcoming.

supergluebum Thu 19-Feb-09 11:58:42

I second Pizza Express!

Sheeta Thu 19-Feb-09 11:59:55

pizza express!!!

stealthsquiggle Thu 19-Feb-09 12:03:49

Is the noodle place in Gloucester Green still there? DS loves/loved that.

Browns on St Giles is very tolerant IME (and noisy so no issue with toddler noise)

There is a new 'Jamie's Italian' place on [brain gone blank - the road that goes from Debenhams down to Gloucester Green] - never tried it but it should be child friendly.

I would go for Browns, personally.

ABetaDad Thu 19-Feb-09 12:09:51

Jamies is on George Street but it is usually very crowded - not unwelcoming though.

There are a lot of other restaurants on George Street that are all pretty child friendly so may be wise to just head for there and look around. The only one I do not like on George ST is Chez Gerard which I know well and like from my London days but this one just does not hit the spot.

Rindercella Thu 19-Feb-09 12:10:33

Another vote for Browns. We regularly take our 17 month DD there, and they are great with her. Nice food too grin

mrsgboring Thu 19-Feb-09 12:12:00

Not really had a problem with any Oxford pubs though am very thick skinned so maybe just didn't notice. We go to The Eagle and Child on St Giles a lot and it's good publike fare. It opens at 11 so you can get in, get settled and order food on the dot (if, like us our children you want/need lunch early)

Second/third Browns. Food is very nice, though sometimes you have to wait for a table. Jamie's place is on George Street - you can book for parties of over 5, I think it is. Have heard good reports but not been.

Outside the city there is The Bear and Ragged Staff at Cumnor, which has a nice children's garden if the weather is good.

stealthsquiggle Thu 19-Feb-09 12:13:15

browns website - I have vivid memories of them smiling indulgently while ~12mth old DD scattered a serving of green beans further than you would have believed possible (and they had put us in a nice quiet corner so there was no-one else to worry about it either)

MrsBadger Thu 19-Feb-09 12:15:00

the Jamie place is overrated, apparently - you can't book so there is a huge queue the minute they open, and it is too crowded to get a pushchair in, let alone have a toddler running about.

NB Pizza Express is upstairs so you have to leave the buggy at the bottom

ABetaDad Thu 19-Feb-09 12:22:32

I like Browns as an adult diner but one word of warning for kids - especially toddlers.

Our kids never seem to like much on the menu. The burgers are good but have herbs in which they do not like and the chicken is seared and has blackened bits on from the grill which they do not like. They are not fussy usually.

We always ask for the kids chicken to be very simply griiled under a normal grill not seared and it seems to work OK.

stealthsquiggle Thu 19-Feb-09 12:25:05

They do pasta. And chips. I have yet to meet a toddler who won't eat either of those grin

SobranieCocktail Thu 19-Feb-09 12:40:02

Do they still do spaghetti bolognese at Browns? I used to have that Every Time when I visited as a kid.

Gingerbics Thu 19-Feb-09 19:35:49

Thanks so much everyone, couldn't believe it when I just logged on and saw all these messages. Really appreciate it, a few really great options there xx

Babbity Thu 19-Feb-09 19:39:05

Had a lovely early evening dinner in Brown's in Oxford last time we visited. Very tolerant of tired 4.5 year old, and noisy/messy 13 m old.

Babbity Thu 19-Feb-09 19:39:05

Had a lovely early evening dinner in Brown's in Oxford last time we visited. Very tolerant of tired 4.5 year old, and noisy/messy 13 m old.

Rindercella Thu 19-Feb-09 19:40:45

Just remembered - we went to Browns last Sunday - on Sundays they do a children eat free (on roasts I think) when an adult has a main course. Can't remember the full details, but it seemed quite a good deal to me (their roast rib of beef is lovely!).

emmafowler Thu 25-Jun-09 21:52:46

i am a nanny in oxford summertown and looking for some where to take a 2.5 year old ie toddler groups tumble tots ect...
i hope some one can shed some light

PortAndLemon Thu 25-Jun-09 21:58:49

Do you have access to a car, emmafowler, or do you need to travel on foot/by public transport?

PortAndLemon Thu 25-Jun-09 22:00:27

You may find this thread helpful

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