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Is London Zoo worth the Ticket Price? (Kids going free as well)?

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Milliways Thu 12-Feb-09 18:51:56

I am thinking of taking DS in to London in half term, and I haven't been to London Zoo since I was a child.

Is it any good (ie not got animals too cramped in horrid cages)?

I see it's £17 but you get 2 for 1 with train tickets.

Opinions please

Oh, and DS is 13, and we have "done" most of the museums, except the Imperial War which is my next choice.

squeaver Thu 12-Feb-09 18:58:04

I love London Zoo - we have annual membership.

Don't really know much about 13 yo boys but might he be a bit old?? I mean my dd who is 4 can't get enough of the place. But then your ds might be really into animals. Dh's godson is 16 and still likes the place but - much as I love him - he is a geek.

The animals are well looked after and seem pretty happy. No cages. The gorilla kingdom, in particular, is amazing.

Also it's not that big so you could be done in a couple of hours.

And at half term it will be mobbed - get there early if you can.

The Imperial War Museum is v v well-regarded by lots of parents of boys I know, if that helps (have never been there myself).

Milliways Thu 12-Feb-09 19:00:31

Thank you! Maybe we will do both??

DS is pretty geeky, but fun loving, and I think he may enjoy it. I will ask him first, but wanted opinions before I gave him the offer

BrownSuga Thu 12-Feb-09 19:01:02

We weren't overly impressed with the place, and probably wouldn't revisit. For a 13yo, I'd probably take him somewhere else, unless he has a very keen interest in animals.

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Thu 12-Feb-09 19:01:48

I really like London Zoo, I used to have an annual membership but then moved out of London.

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-09 19:02:27

I thought it was good
The childrens' zoo is closed until Easter but that might not be too interesting to a 13 year old

ABetaDad Thu 12-Feb-09 19:12:17

I went last Autumn - it was horribly expensive and I felt awful letting my kids eat the food. It was terrible quality.

The queue was horrendous - admittedly it was school holidays but the whole day was less than good and I spent £100 for me and two kids.

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-09 19:15:42

agree food was naff - take a packed lunch

Milliways Thu 12-Feb-09 19:19:02

Interesting, Thanks

If he fancies it I will give it a go - WITH the packed lunch. Otherwise I will push for the War Museum.

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-09 19:22:26

Have you done the Tower of London?

Salleroo Thu 12-Feb-09 19:30:49

Went last summer and have to say was disappointed - no elephants and lots of enclosures were seemingly closed. However, the gorilla kingdom and the butterfly house (which I think was temporary) were fab. If you like birds then it's the business but otherwise I wouldn't go back

Milliways Thu 12-Feb-09 19:30:52

Yes Thanks. We live not too far out so have done various trips, but not for a while.

He liked the Tower, and London Dungeons. He would enjoy Ripleys but we did that in Blackpool and it is probably much the same.

He would also like a trip to the Apple Store!

IlanaK Thu 12-Feb-09 19:51:47

What about the Transport Museum? It would be cheaper as you only pay for an adult and kids are free. Yuo don't have to be really into trains to like it. There is lots of interactive stuff to do. My eldest is only 7, but I have been with a family that has older boys and they liked it. It will be busy during half term, but so will everywhere.

corblimeymadam Thu 12-Feb-09 19:56:49

Message withdrawn

littleducks Thu 12-Feb-09 19:59:55

im disapointed with london zoo now, i understand wyh all the big animals werre moved to whipsnade but it is very boring with just birds

wobbegong Thu 12-Feb-09 20:40:09

I love it and am a member! The gorilla island is fab, plus the walk through bit with spider monkeys, walk through butterflies, walk through humming birds etc. The food is utterly diabolical though.

I can imagine the Imperial War Museum going down well.

Salleroo Fri 13-Feb-09 14:52:56

Imperial war museum brilliant and really interactive. World War 2 was excellent! (the layout, not the war)

ilovepeppapig Mon 16-Feb-09 18:06:53

my son aged 9 loved the imperial war museum. we have been twice and it is fab. There is a anderson shelter you can go in and a submarine as well as a great exhibition about being a child during the 2nd ww. As far as zoos go. We prefer Colchester zoo to London Zoo

MrsMattie Tue 17-Feb-09 12:31:37

I think it is hideous at peak times (holidays, Saturdays etc). So overcrowded and unpleasant. Otherwise, it's OK. bring packed lunch, though, to avoid ridiculously over priced and crappy lunches!

spicemonster Tue 17-Feb-09 12:45:21

I like it but I live near - and not sure about 13 year old. As well as IWM, if your DS is interested in things like that, may I also suggest RAF museum at Hendon? It's free to get in, loads of planes and not that busy. And for someone who has no more than a passing interest in aviation, I really enjoyed it!

HannahForever Fri 10-Jun-11 13:39:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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