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Big Chill Festival with 2.5 yr old??

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Shimmer Fri 06-Feb-09 23:17:59

Has anyone been to The Big Chill Festival with little kids? I've heard it's quite family friendly but would like some more detail from anyone who's been... We're thinkng about taking DS, who's 2.5.

Our first choice was Latitude this summer as we've been before and was brilliant with LO's, but unfortunatly clashes with a wedding this year, so we can't make it.

Should we do The Big Chill instead?

lowrib Sat 07-Feb-09 01:03:59

Don't know about the Big Chill, but Bestival is very family friendly. They also do a weekend 'Camp Bestival' which is especially for families.

isit5pmyet Tue 30-Jun-09 13:26:28

We are planning on doing the big chill this year,as a family for the first time. Our son is 20 months & I think he would have a great time. It seems to have a lot on for kiddies in the day (check out the website for full info). We are going along with another couple who has a daughter the same age, so company for the little ones & us adults can take it in turn to party!
Accommodation - don't feel like mucking around in a tent so we're probably going to hire a 'podpad', tiny hobbit like 'house' that is set up for you, including beds!
And my list of essentials to pack will begin very soon!
Looking forward to it & hoping for a dry run.

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