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London 2-for-1s

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JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 13:47:46

website - click on "vouchers" at the top. You can get 3 vouchers for the same attraction.

This was recommended by Martin Moneysaver (forum ) - the offer says you need a train ticket dated the same day, but a) there is no minimum value and b) people posting on the forum weren't even asked to show a train ticket, just handed over the voucher.

grumpyfrumpy Thu 07-Apr-05 14:50:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roisin Fri 08-Apr-05 12:54:39

HUGE THANKYOU to whoever recommended these to us on mumsnet a couple of months ago. I have done a search, but can't find it!

We went to London last week and saved a fortune using these.

However be warned, they do expire end of May and some venues (Duck Tours) are now officially no longer accepting them. And we were asked for train tickets every time.

tigermoth Sat 09-Apr-05 08:01:08

roisin, glad you enjoyed your london break - I wonder if these offers apply if your train is a tube or DLR train? I will definitly print off some vouchers and give it a try, anyway.

JanH Sat 09-Apr-05 12:09:54

"My local overground stationmaster told me that an underground travelcard would work as well. Haven't tried it yet though, but there are lots of overground stations within the travelcard zones, so it makes sense." Comment from the moneysaver forum, tm - should be ok with tube tickets then?

In any case "With the saving being up to £15, even if you're not going on the train go buy a ticket for a couple of quid then use the voucher. For example a one way ticket from a central london station (e.g. marylebone for Tussauds/London Zoo) is £1.90."

tigermoth Sat 09-Apr-05 12:13:03

janh, that's brilliant! hope the moneysaver poster is right. I have been on the hunt for IMAX cinema deals, so this is perfect. It's like winning a lot of competitions all in one go

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