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Calais/boulogne/le touquet day out ideas please

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swedishmum Thu 29-Jan-09 22:27:53

We're going on a cheap ferry on my (45th) birthday next week - would appreciate any ideas. We've done Nausicaa a few times - we live in SE KENT - but would love ideas of nice chilled sea food restaurants that are child friendly... or an indoor attraction other than Nausicaa.
Many thanks

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Thu 29-Jan-09 22:37:54


Work with me on this, I can not remember the name of the restaurant, but it refers to the sea. (La Plage is in the name, might even be La Plage bleu) It is on London road, (Londre road) (or similar)

As you walk away from the shopping area, and down hill to the sea the road should be should be on your right.

They do wonderful mussels and they have childrens colouring sheets etc.,

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Thu 29-Jan-09 22:38:43

Re or similar, it is without doubt on London road. grin

Marina Thu 29-Jan-09 22:52:38

We took the dcs here and the restaurant was comme il faut with them and very friendly

The food is superb, but not principally seafood

swedishmum Fri 30-Jan-09 07:26:38

Thank you - looks lovely.

Marina Fri 30-Jan-09 09:56:01

I checked their site direct swedishmum and they seem to have done the French restaurateur thing of clearing off, possibly to Martinique, for the whole of Jan.

I'd give them a ring just in case, early next week to make sure they are back.

Ancienne Histoire down the road is more of a bistro but its food quality is top notch and it has been in the same family for nearly 20 years. Their childrens' menu includes the chance to try snails...

swedishmum Fri 30-Jan-09 19:40:40

Thanks - I'll phone them early in the week.
What we sometimes do is get there and traipse round looking for food while we all get sulky so I think having a plan is a much better idea!

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