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Blue Kangeroo - Kings Rd

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ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 19:16:02

A restuarant for kids with great food and a play area that is linked by cameras to a screen on your table! Going on Saturday after WSinner the Pooh Live show, anyone been?

Kaz33 Thu 24-Mar-05 19:20:08

Reguarly, it is nice and clean and the kids are mostly well behaved. But does it get heaving and if you want to eat lunch book as the restaurant upstairs is always busy.

My 4 and 2 year old will not go off and play on their own so I never get to read the paper and have a coffee so prefer ~Snakes and Ladders in Richmond which is huge and has enough space for me to crawl in.

ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 19:21:39

Cool, thanks Kaz33, and will check out the place in Richmond as well, thanks.

Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 19:22:51

Message withdrawn

ThomCat Fri 25-Mar-05 00:00:21

shut it cod, i wasn't asking!!!!!!
I'm going to ignore that, at least until I get back and then I'll be straight on here slagging it off asking for your mum to get posting so we can slag it off together!
Right now - I'm looking forward to it so I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that

Cod Fri 25-Mar-05 08:22:22

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 25-Mar-05 08:26:53

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Fri 25-Mar-05 08:54:11

DD goes to Blue Kangaroo frequently, and loves it. We even had her birthday party there, and it was a huge success.

There are eating tables upstairs (this is where the tv screen is) and downstairs (where the play area is). There are two play areas downstairs - one smaller for smaller kids, and the larger area. I think the best place to watch is downstairs straight ahead of the stairs - where the sofas are. It offers the best vantage point for keeping an eye on your children and you can intervene if necessary.....just like at a playground.

It is alot of fun, but can get completely manic if crowded. The food is surprisingly good for adults and kids. When we were there last my friend got a prawn dish that she really enjoyed. You can also get a nice bottle of wine.....

One other word of caution - if you're driving, parking can be a challenge. I now either take a bus or taxi whenever we go. Have fun!

ThomCat Fri 25-Mar-05 14:53:07

Thanks earlybird.

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