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Am planning to go to Legoland on Good Friday....are we mad?

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pepsi Thu 24-Mar-05 15:23:42

Planning to take our first trip to Legoland tommorrow, is it going to be packed there or do you think people with be busy with family stuff. We want to buy an annual pass and figure we need to buy early to get our moneys worth for the year. Im hoping if its busy I can look at it that we dont have to pack it all into one day? Has anyone tried out the new attractions there yet?

annh Thu 24-Mar-05 19:11:38

Even madder, we are planning on going on Easter Saturday, which I am sure WILL be busy! Last year, we went in March and beginning of September (really sunny Sunday in Sept) and both times were quite manageable. Will be interested to hear from anyone who has gone at Easter weekend before.

snafu Thu 24-Mar-05 22:07:53

We're planning to go tomorrow as well! See you there, pepsi

I assume it would be an okay place to take a very noisy and energetic 21-month-old boy? Or is he a bit too young?

pepsi Fri 25-Mar-05 07:57:14

Im sure he will love it, I guess there are quite a few rides he wont be able to go on but also loads he can. He will like Duplo land. Have a great time.

smokey Fri 25-Mar-05 08:47:00

We went to Chessington yesterday and it wasn't at all busy - no queues longer than 10 minutes and on most rides there were no queues at all.

handlemecarefully Fri 25-Mar-05 09:20:43

You're not mad. There are 4 days for people to spread their outings over....that should thin things out a little

pepsi Sat 26-Mar-05 08:00:05

Went yesterday and had a lovely time, however it was busy, during the afternoon we had a long wait for Pirate Falls, but when we first got there at about 11.00 we only waited 15 minutes for the Dragon and Dragons Apprenctice. Of the new rides we did the Fire Academy which is good fun, adults have to use a pump to move the engine to the fire and then pump the water and the little ones drive and point the hoses. Its a good one, we did this one right at the end of the day and avoided a long wait. Was also pleased to see that all the fruit shoot vending machines have been replaced with a more sugar free 5 Alive Drink. Ive never liked the taste of Fruit Shoots.

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