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Looking for a steam train ride near to London for son's birthday.

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annwoo Wed 10-Dec-08 21:53:08

Hi - please help. I'm looking for a steam train ride nearish to London ( can't travel too far as have 3 dc under 3).

Has anyone got any suggestions/recommendations. I would be extremely grateful!!! smile

munkeebiznessunderthemistletoe Thu 11-Dec-08 07:44:35

whereabouts in London do you live?

bouncingblueberries Thu 11-Dec-08 08:04:37

If you're on the south side of London, can highly recommend the Bluebell Railway near East Grinstead. It is great fun. Went there this summer with grandparents and ds - don't know who had more fun! see here

You can catch a train from London Victoria or London Bridge to East Grinstead, then jump on a bus that takes you to one of the stations on the route if you don't want to drive that far.

annwoo Thu 11-Dec-08 21:28:57

Thanks for the info bouncingblueberries had a quick glance - looks good -will check out distances as we are in north london and I really didn't want to travel on public transport with three little ones.

Simplysally Thu 11-Dec-08 21:35:57

I think the old tail-end of the central line runs trips on an old train from Ongar down the line (Central line stops at Epping) which might be steam.

Ponders Thu 11-Dec-08 21:37:03

There are railways at Aylesbury & Princes Risborough in Bucks, & Leighton Buzzard in Beds.

Have a look at the Heritage Railways site smile

annwoo Sat 13-Dec-08 23:13:57

Thank you for the replies - ponders the website is great many thanks smile

nannynick Sun 21-Dec-08 01:47:00

Another site is which lists Model Railway events and other various train related things.
If the size of the train isn't an issue, then there are various miniature steam railways around.
Attractions: South
Attractions: East
Attractions: South East

fondant4000 Sun 21-Dec-08 06:43:45

There's one near Colchester in Essex I think - not so bad driving from North London.

tattycoram Sun 21-Dec-08 08:13:11

Bluebell railway is fantastic.

akhemSaidSanta Sun 21-Dec-08 08:21:58

There used to be one at Swanley park I think, which is the kent/london border

RonWM Tue 07-Jul-15 13:29:16

Try Google: Chingford Miniature Trains - which run all summer on Sundays and bank holiday mondays 2pm - 5:30pm and also Wednesday afternoons during kids summer holidays 2pm - 4pm. Great value at 60p or £1.50 depending on train.

mary21 Thu 16-Jul-15 16:29:48

Thames cotton railway is fun.

mary21 Thu 16-Jul-15 16:30:40

Should read Thames ditton

RonWM Tue 25-Aug-15 20:16:48

Try: Miniature Steam & Electric Train Rides in Ridgeway Park, Peel Close, off Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6XU every Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday from April to 4th October 2015. Great fun for children & adults.

Probably the best value rides in Greater London.

Miniature Steam and Electric Train Rides in Chingford

Also, every Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday afternoon from 2pm to 5:30pm (April up to end of September). Train rides are available at 60p or £1.50 depending on the track.

Also every Wednesday afternoon from July 29th until August 26th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

One of Chingford’s best kept secrets is the 2 miniature train tracks at the back of Ridgeway Park, Peel Close, off Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6XU. (Near the Green Man pub near the top of Chingford Mount). SatNav E4 6XU.
There is a 1000 foot long 5" raised level track (ride 60p) and a 3000 foot long 7¼" ground level track (ride £1.50). Children under 3 go free accompanied by fare paying adult.

I am sure many (grand) parents would love to take their children along for a lovely afternoon out, but just don't know about it. Great fun for children and adults. Enjoy! See
Probably the best value rides in Greater London.

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