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Chessington World of Adventures - top tips please!

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Pamina3 Tue 22-Mar-05 16:28:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Tue 22-Mar-05 17:02:30

pamina, we went about 2 weeks ago (dh's firm paid for all staff to go before it officially reopened). it was a v cold day so wrap up or at least take lots of layers. there are sort of trolley things you can take round with you (including double ones if they fancy sitting together) and people left their own pushchairs near the entrance. we had a blanket with us to wrap round our girls' legs. yes, we took a picnic but the girls had tickets for a free lunch (usual crap - nuggets, chips etc but there was a place which sold sarnies and baked potatoes). the costa coffee place was shut which was a shame as the only alternative was nescafe (remembered why don't buy it!). according to a little map of the place the rides are grouped for age/height and some stipulate an adult must go on with them. many of them were a bit scary for dd2 (nearly 2) but dd1 (4.5) loved them, and tbh dh went on most of them with her. we looked around the monkeys but the best view of the animals is from a sort of little train which is about 20ft up, that goes around the whole theme park - you get a good view of the seals and lions from up there. the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful and dd1 got a velvety flower prize (dh squirting water at some target thing) and i got dd2 a rattlesnake from the giftshop. all in all a good day out because it was free but i'm not sure i'd go all that way again (we live in soon. btw not all the rides were open when we went and they were grouped together around themes - toytown etc. dd2 cried when dennis the menace waved at her! have a lovely time!

pixel Tue 22-Mar-05 17:27:38

We went in the summer and kids had a great time. Only problem we had was that it was boiling hot and we spent a fortune on drinks which are expensive. There were some 'non-scary' rides for the little ones in Toytown and also Beanotown had a school bus ride which was fairly tame. The monorail was such a success we went on it twice as you can see all the animals from right above the trees and it's suitable for all ages. There were long queues for it but if any of you are blue badge holders you can go in at the 'exit' and go straight on. Go to the information office and they will give you all special wristbands for easy entrance to the rides.
You MUST go in Hocuspocus Hall. It's very clever with 3D effects/hall of mirrors etc. You just walk through so you can take a buggy if you need to. We had ds's major buggy and it was no problem. My top tip is for the hall of mirrors which can be a bit confusing as it is like a maze and the mirrors all reflect off each other and seem to go on forever. If your little ones get scared look on the floor. We spotted a red line to follow which got us out straight away as ds was panicking. I don't believe it is too scary for your average 2-4 year old but ds has asd so it was a bit of an overload for him after a very long day.

Well good luck! I'm sure you'll have a great time. Just make sure you take waterproofs as there is not much that is undercover.

bambi06 Thu 24-Mar-05 21:21:11

whats the best age to take them as we have a 5 yr old and nearlty 4

pixel Thu 24-Mar-05 23:48:26

Obviously as they get older there are more things they can go on as some rides have height restrictions but I would say a 4 and 5 year old would have plenty to do. TBH I was surprised to see quite small children enjoying what I would think of as the 'scarier' rides and my dd who is tiny for her age was able to go on things like log flumes and the runaway train. The zoo part is popular with smaller kids. My ds was fascinated by the sealions which give shows at set times.

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