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the snowman @ peacock theatre.

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mysonsmummy Fri 05-Dec-08 01:17:29

has anyone been? i am thinking of taking ds to see this show. what age to you think its aimed at. thanks

PuzzYuleLogs Fri 05-Dec-08 09:51:29

Bumping for you.

Bubble99 Fri 05-Dec-08 09:55:46

I'd say four and over. Or a not-too-wriggly three year old.

It's fantastic, btw.

bigTillyMint Fri 05-Dec-08 18:42:59

We went one year with a range of ages - the 2 1/2 yo sat fine. I think 6 or 7 would be the oldest they'd be interested tho'

IllegallyBrunette Fri 05-Dec-08 18:44:48

If it is the one that has been performed at The Rep in Birmingham then I highly reccomend it.

We have been twice and it is absolutly fantastic.

Last time we went my dc's were 9,7 and 4.

PortAndStilton Fri 05-Dec-08 18:59:49

We took DS last year (at 2.11) and he loved it -- he was absolutely entranced throughout (DH nodded off, though grin). DH is taking him again this year (I think DD definitely too young at nearly 9 months).

cazzybabs Sun 07-Dec-08 13:33:38

i am off to see it next week with dd1 (6) and dd2 (4)

mummychristmas Sun 07-Dec-08 13:46:03

its at the peacock - im gutted as wanted to go NYE and now its fully booked. ds 7 hasnt really been to lots of live theatre shows - is he the right age? thanks

cazzybabs Sat 13-Dec-08 20:43:53

I went today and it was fab...would go again next year

MollieO Wed 17-Dec-08 21:55:06

We (me and ds 4.5) are going Christmas Eve. Booked tickets and then showed him the video on their website. He can't wait to see the flying!

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