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Friday in Stourbridge - recommendations please

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jamiesam Sat 12-Mar-05 00:04:07

Hope title says it all.

We'll be at a loose end next Friday. Any suggestions for things to do with ds's aged 3.5 and 1.5 greatfully received.

jamiesam Sat 12-Mar-05 22:29:19


nutcracker Sat 12-Mar-05 22:32:48

Just asked dp and he said 'nothing' .

Thats my dp, helpful as ever.

Honestly though he said, if you can find something to occupy you for an hour, you're doing well.

jamiesam Sat 12-Mar-05 22:40:26

Thanks nutcracker! On previous visit we've gone for a walk by the canal, but not convinced that is the best way to entertain the ds's. Could put 'come away from the water' on a tape, on a loop I guess...

jamiesam Sun 13-Mar-05 21:20:07


jamiesam Mon 14-Mar-05 13:07:45

Last forlorn bump...

kate100 Mon 14-Mar-05 13:24:14

Chilly Kiddy's soft play area or Mary Steven's Park, there's a fence around the lake!!

ButtonMoon Mon 14-Mar-05 13:29:15

I second kate100.....Yes chilly kiddy's is a good one to tire them out, the park if it's not too cold/rainy (feed ducks and run around a bit) but TBH that's probably it...unless you fancy shopping???!!!! Hope you have a nice day

jamiesam Mon 14-Mar-05 22:20:47

Hey, thanks

Ds's aren't that great at shopping so soft play area in the morning and park in the afternoon!

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