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Legoland regulars!

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thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 15:48:11

OK - we are off to Legoland (all being well) tomorrow for my big guy's 4th birthday. Was thinking of taking a picnic lunch, but what is the food like there - thinking about staying all day so would like to get something for their tea. Any recommendations?

mrsmaidamess Fri 31-Oct-08 15:48:34

If you like chips and hot dogs, you'll love it.

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 15:49:15

OK. So 2 packed lunches for me, DH and DSs should manage grin

mrsgboring Fri 31-Oct-08 15:51:36

Yes, packed lunch. Also take snacks. A tiny two pack of biscuits (such as you'd get on a train or in a B&B) costs over two pounds

littleducks Fri 31-Oct-08 15:53:07

It will be busy tomorrow obv, the fireworks are great though (we went last week) if you have a light sabre at home take it with you as it is pretty essential if you watch fireworks

ok, foodwise
DONT go to 'pit stop' at 'the beginning' (near entrance) it is vile, overcooked canteen food

the fish and chips near duplo land is ok but not great

the best food is pizza and pasta at 'city walk' near johnny thunder show, we had veggie pasta was fine £3.90 ish for child meal, pasta, garlic bread, drink and free apple on a necklace. portion large enough for me. pizza fresh cooked too

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 15:53:57

Oh bejesus. I wonder how edible the lego bricks are? Think it is meant to rain tomorrow too. Who's bright idea was it to have a child in November anyway?!

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 15:55:36

Glad the fireworks are good - it is what swung the whole deal! Not sure if we have a functioning light sabre however.

littleducks Fri 31-Oct-08 16:03:36

if you have one take it otherwise you HAVE to buy one for a fiver (and you will sit there thinking but i blooming have one at home)

best place for fireworks is to sit on grass bank underneath telescopes at 'the beginning' as fireworks are in front of you not above iyswim dont sit near speaker is very, very loud

If you buy bits of food {doughnuts, waffles, crisps) its very expensive but they have mad e a real effort with kids meals, thy are all just under £4 and include a drink and an apple necklace

legoland say this and knights place sounds ok, jacket potatoes etc.

littleducks Fri 31-Oct-08 16:05:52

but do either have lunch a little early or late, we were at the city walk place this week at 12, it was fine short queue at 12.15 it was ram packed

we may go to see fireworks tomorrow so if i see a small boy with birthday badges on i will cough "MUMSNETTER"!!!

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 16:06:44


Looks like we may have to purchase a new lightsabre, but since it is his birthday we may manage that one!

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 16:08:57


Yes - small boy with badges, even smaller boy running amok and 2 x frazzled parents. That'll be us!

Hopefully I will refrain from my factory setting of 'screaming-like-a-banshee' and be all serene and cath kidston like, handing out my carrot sticks and lentil-flapjacks. grin

littleducks Fri 31-Oct-08 16:10:51

how old is your younger one? or more importantly is he 0.9m tall?

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 16:28:15

No - he is only 19mths. Too tiddly for the rides. Although I suspect he will be most unhappy about that, being a little dare devil generally.

LIZS Fri 31-Oct-08 16:39:28

We had the pizza and pasta the other day - hot and tasty but a fair queue (longest we had all day tbh). A kids' portion is the equivalent of half a pizza and the kids' pasta was enough for me !

ErnestTheBavarian Fri 31-Oct-08 17:04:20

can I hijack & ask - how the chuff are you supposed to manage if you have a baby and a child uner 1m?????? I mean, LL is aimed at young 'uns but their safety limits are ridiculous - my 5 (in 2 weeks) yr old ds could only go on about 2 things unaccompanied, both far too tame for him, & I coulsn't go on with him cos of baby, & they wouldn't let 9 yr old ds go on with him, and I didn't wantto leave ds1 with baby as she was getting fractious. Plus it means I couldn't just go with ds & baby. Phew, long illiterate rant but pretty angry & shock how little there is for younger kids if their mum has a baby. Even the bloody playgrounds were shut today, cos it was too cold?! angry

Hope you all had more successful trips. I always take pic nic btw

LynetteScavo Fri 31-Oct-08 17:09:40

Make a note of what time the returants close in the afternoon, as they close earlier than the rides.By the time I've managed to pursuad my boys off the rides - we've usually missed the resturants.

mosschops30 Fri 31-Oct-08 17:18:12

Dreadful food, dreadful place IMHO. We took a packed lunch, was much better

Have fun, but i hate the place, i complained when we went and was given 4 free tickets to Alton Towers because I swore Id never go to Legoland again. Although some people on here love it so I guess its horses for courses

thegrowlyghost Fri 31-Oct-08 17:25:17

I have been before - about 10 years ago when it first opened. And apart from the shop (was quite taken with the large lego brick boxes!) thought it was bloody awful.

Hoping things have improved slightly in that time, plus the draw of star wars fireworks cannot be under estimated!

I am actually hoping that it is a bit drizzly, to reduce the crowds! How miserable am i?!

cerys Fri 31-Oct-08 17:32:56

We were there Monday and Tuesday, my children are 8, 6 and 4. We had a great time, but wished we had taken warmer coats, as we were pretty chilly.

We had food one day in the pizza and pasta place - DH's bolognese sauce was vile, but pizzas were OK. Food is SO expensive there -take picnics if you can! And a thermos grin

hope you have a good time.

Tiggiwinkle Fri 31-Oct-08 17:39:29

Yes do wrap up warm! We have been for the fireworks for the past few years and it gets very cold in the evening waiting for them to start-remember you will have been wandering around all day by that time.

littleducks Fri 31-Oct-08 22:51:46

i would recommend fairy tale brook, boating school and the safari train for rides you can do together, i take dd (2) and ds (6 months) on these together when im alone, obviously as they get bigger and want the larger rides it gets trickier

the boating school is popullar but very good

cerys- we were there tuesday (now im secretly hoping you were the lovely lady who offered to swap dds wellies to the correct feet when she was playing up, i know she must have been a mumsnetter)

nannynick Fri 31-Oct-08 23:19:12

Fish and Chip restaurant is reasonable, if you don't mind having chips. 20% Discount if you have annual pass, so makes it the cheapest place for hot drinks - which you can get to take-out.

The big restaurant now does pasta, pizza. The pasta is OK, not great by certainly edible. Would suggest adults get children portion, it is sufficient and includes a drink (milk/water/orange juice/apple juice), plus an apple.

I tend to take packed lunch though and get a hot drink. Today it was Hot Chocolate to keep us warm while watching Johnny Thunder (they did the shortened show version, due to water being so cold I expect). Regulars will know the differences between the various versions of the Johnny Thunder show wink

If buying tickets on the gate (or handing over vouchers) tell the member of admission staff that it is your son's birthday - and with luck he will get a badge.

Remember to take your winter woollies, it will be cold, especially come fireworks time. Suggest taking spare socks, so if a child (or an adult even) gets their socks wet, you have spares to change into - nothing worse than having cold wet feet.

When taking little one's (baby and say a 3 year old) I try to go with friends, so we have an adult who can stay with the babies. When that isn't possible, our rides are limited to: Fairy Tale Brook, Duplo Train, Big Train, Diggers (as I and baby can accompany 3-year-old). Don't tend to do anything else ride wise (have done boating school, but only when it's quiet, which it certainly isn't this time of year)... though do walk around mini-land, play in Duplo playground, go in the build & test. Today we did make-and-take (or whatever they were calling it) opposite 4D Theatre - where we made two pumpkins and a wizard and took them home (total cost £6).

Skramble Fri 31-Oct-08 23:27:22

We also went to the pizza place and i got a kids meal too, enough for me.

littleducks Sat 01-Nov-08 20:33:50

just got back from fireworks was wet but kids loved it, hope you had a good day

cerys Sat 01-Nov-08 20:41:26

littleducks, no, sadly I wasn't the lady you saw. I was the one in a patterned coat who saw one lady in an identical one and another in the blue version blush. DH thought it was very funny.

I am assuming you were not the family in front of us in a queue whose kids kicked me 4 times and thought it was funny? angry hmm

Glad the fireworks were good.

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