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If you were going to Natural History Museum would you go Sun or Mon?

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Lovingthepink Thu 30-Oct-08 15:14:44

Just wondered what people thought. We want to take the boys and they have an inset day on Monday. Do you think it will be busier on Sunday or Monday? Thanks smile

nancy75 Thu 30-Oct-08 15:15:38

go on monday unless you like really long queues!

SqueakyPop Thu 30-Oct-08 15:15:43

It will be busier on a Sunday obviously

ScareyBitchFeast Thu 30-Oct-08 15:16:30

busier on sunday i am sure

SixSpotBonfire Thu 30-Oct-08 15:17:33

Deffo Monday.

Lovingthepink Thu 30-Oct-08 15:22:47

That is decided then, We will go on Monday. The reason I asked is that we live near Fishers Farm Park and it is always busier in the week. Sunday is usually quiet, so I wondered if London would be the same. But now it has become clear that it isn't....thanks everyone

yomellamoHelly Thu 30-Oct-08 15:24:16

Sunday - but we prefer to drive if we can and there's no congestion charge and the parking is free.

northernrefugee39 Fri 31-Oct-08 14:00:21

We went last Sunday (wet first Sunday of half term admittedly) and there were big queues to get in- which moved fast though. By about 10.45 it was heaving- would definitely go on Monday..
having said that- it was lovely to park for free in one of the crescents opposite....

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