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Anyone been to the Doctor Who exhibition at Spaceport Birkenhead?

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misselizabethbennet Tue 28-Oct-08 10:08:36

Is it worth the money?
We have a 7yo, 6yo and 5yo (Who fanatic)in our group.
How long does it take to see everything - is it a full day's activity or a couple of hours?
Would you recommend the Spaceport bit as well, or just the Doctor Who stuff? I'm concerned it might be a bit old and boring for the littler ones.

Any advice gratefully received?

misselizabethbennet Tue 28-Oct-08 11:03:44

Bumping and correcting punctuation. Please ignore the final question mark!

misselizabethbennet Tue 28-Oct-08 19:21:48

Evening bump

bigTillyMint Wed 29-Oct-08 10:23:52

I haven't been, but my two love the ferry!

Polgara2 Wed 29-Oct-08 10:26:34

My 2 enjoyed the exhibition (8 and 11) being Dr Who fans of course. But don't bother with the planetarium film thingy - it was boring and blurry and I got a crick in my neck because you aer semi laid back in your seats!
But most of all DO NOT under any circumstances pop into the ferry terminal for a snack <shudder> - it's not nice.

Polgara2 Wed 29-Oct-08 10:27:46

Oh sorry - its not a full day activity not enough to see for that (oh and the dr who bit of the shop there is extortionately expensive)

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