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legoland/tesco clubcard questions

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thegrowlyghost Sat 25-Oct-08 07:10:10

OK. Think I am being a little bit slow here so bear with me.

We want to take DS1 to Legoland for his birthday next week (saturday) and there is a Star Wars themed firework display too which he will love. I have been advised by those that have been before to buy the tickets on line before we go so as to avoid the queues at the gate.

Having said that, could use my clubcard vouchers to get cheaper entry - but I can't do that and buy on line can I? (and how quickly do I get my tesco voucher thingy? Not done it before you see).

Plus it seems to say in the small print that the club card vouchers aren't usable for "exclusive" events. The Star Wars fireworks seem to be a special event but is that an exclusive event?!

I guess I should give them a call and find out.

Sorry if I am being a bit dense here...

SugaryBits Sat 25-Oct-08 08:18:46

I ordered my deal tokens for Legoand online on Wednesday and received them Thursday. They are £8.75 per person. The tokens are your ticket so you wouldn't need to buy tickets from legoland online.

I'm not sure about the exclusive event thing...

cerys Sat 25-Oct-08 08:25:44

you can order clubcard deals online - I did this for Drayton Manor and the tickets arrived within 2 days. SO you should have time to order and receive them for next weekend.
Not 100 % sure about the special events thing, sorry!

Have a good time - we are going there Monday and Tuesday, although DD1 was sick yesterday and I am watching the other DCs very closelysad

littleducks Sat 25-Oct-08 08:38:58

are you wanting a day ticket or annual pass? we have got both merlin and legoland annual passes from tesco clubcard voucher, ordered online these asre acceptable i dont think tessco day tickets would be

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