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What to do and where to eat with a 10-yr-old in London

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expatkat Tue 08-Mar-05 18:05:27

Yes, I know we've had this sort of thing before, but I'm in the US and my mum's friend is here asking for a list of what to do and where to eat with her daughter & 10 yr-old grand-daughter.

The obvious child-friendly restaurants I can think of (Rainforest Cafe, Ed's Easy Diner)are American-themed which wouldn't be interesting to them, as Americans. Can you think of some incredibly fun place that would be great for a 10-yr-old to help to celebrate (young) granny's bday?

And what about things to see? She mentioned the London Eye, but is that too boring for a 10-yr-old, given it takes so long to go round?

Am looking for some brainstorming, people, before my mum's friend leaves in an hour or so. . .thanks so much!!!

hercules Tue 08-Mar-05 18:24:11

imax cinema? sciencemuseum has one as well or another is next to tehh eye.

IlanaK Tue 08-Mar-05 18:32:26

London Dungeons? Night time ghost walk around london? I know there are several companies that do walking tours.

Wagamamas for the restaurant. Ithink that would be a neat experience. Soho in general to walk around.

snafu Tue 08-Mar-05 18:34:29

Carluccio's is good for kids and adults too and is lively without being TGI Friday's, IYKWIM. Don't know if it's 'incredibly' fun though! Benihana? Japanese teppanyaki place where you can watch the chefs cook the food at the table?

The London Eye is great and doesn't take that long. The London Aquarium is right next door and, imo, brilliant. IMAX is good and the one at the Science Museum also has space rides, lots of interactive stuff for kids to do etc.

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