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Visit to London December 20th - slightly mad - but what to see with dd 5?

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ilovecake Wed 22-Oct-08 22:16:31

Okay we are up from deepest darkest devon and would love to show DD the xmas lights and dressed up windows. We will be leaving DS with his aunt and uncle so be nice to do something one on one with DD for a few hours to give her a fun xmas experience. Any suggestions for where is essential to go - without spending a fortune - but to appeal to a five / six year old?

Stinkyfeet Wed 22-Oct-08 22:18:39

Have your seen the threads about Santa at Selfridges? There may still be places.

kid Wed 22-Oct-08 22:24:59

I was just going to suggest the santa at selfrideges thread.

ilovecake Wed 22-Oct-08 22:42:41

That sounds expensive and she has never been keen on visiting santa - i will look but prob not her thing. I would love it however!

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Oct-08 22:45:45

you used to be able to do, and I presume you still can, open top bus rides around oxford street etc to see all the christmas lights, best once it has got dark of course.

you could spend the earlier part of the day with a nice trip to hamleys! and maybe one of the museums?

Stinkyfeet Wed 22-Oct-08 22:47:50

Santa at Selfridges is £2 per person - part of which goes to the Make a Wish Charity.

snice Wed 22-Oct-08 22:48:46

Ice skating at Somerset House

ilovecake Wed 22-Oct-08 22:49:59

Oh just looked - not expensive then. Is it really fab? Do you think open top buses still go after dark - that would be a great way to see all the lights. MIL said that her parents used to take her to xmas carols at trafalger?? square on 20th as its her birthday. Does this still happen?

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Oct-08 22:54:05

ooh yes, they're doing ice skating at the natural history museum too

Thelighthousekeeper Sat 25-Oct-08 18:13:20

We are going on the 20th and are taking DD to see Santa at Selfridges. Tickets are going very fast.

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