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London with a nearly 4 year old

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snickersnack Mon 13-Oct-08 22:30:20

Have a day out planned (or rather not planned) with dd next week. Just me, her and her aunt. We did the Science Museum recently, which she loved, but don't think we want to go back.

Any recommendations? I thought about the Duck Bus but it's super expensive and I wonder if she'd get bored? I hoped the Museum of Childhood would have the dolls houses that used to be in the V&A but they don't seem to have them on display (or they didn't when we last went).

She's got a reasonable attention span, but I think she's a bit small for proper sight seeing. Am trying to plan a really fun day out for her with lots of nice things to do.

NoBiggy Mon 13-Oct-08 22:35:09

DD's been a few times. We did Tower Bridge, London Eye, looked at Big Ben, she had to see London Bridge because she knew the song, but I think her favourite every time has been a boat trip on the thames.

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