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Somewhere child friendly to meet up between Preston and Leicester?

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AttillaTheHan Sat 04-Oct-08 10:09:05

We want to meet up soon with friends of ours for the day.They live in Leicester, we live near Preston. We both have kids aged 4.6 and 6mths. Where on earth can we go that would entertain us all, be weather-proof and that doesn't cost the earth?

Does such a place exist?

The only place I can think of is Chester Zoo but it would be a lot further for them to travel than for us.


fatzak Sat 04-Oct-08 10:12:47

Somewhere South Yorkshire way? Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley is great (although prob not in rubbish weather) or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? Eureka in Halifax as not far from M62- a bit pricey but you can find vouchers often on line.

fatzak Sat 04-Oct-08 10:13:48

Just though- Magma near Sheffield? Think there's a children's museum in Sheffield as well which is meant to be good.

AttillaTheHan Sat 04-Oct-08 21:16:15

Thanks Fatzak. Will look those up.
Bumping for the evening crowd...

AttillaTheHan Sat 04-Oct-08 21:33:14


brightwell Mon 06-Oct-08 16:20:24

Magna just off the motorway Sheffield/Rotherham, loads of hands on stuff indoors and a nice outside play area. You can use Tesco deal vouchers.

Belo Mon 27-Oct-08 12:03:57

Maybe too late for you, but I would recommend Sudbury Hall in Staffs. It's the National Trust museum of childhood. I went there as a kid and loved it. Recently my parents took my kids and they loved it. They got to sit in a victorian classroom and experience what it was like to climb a chimney. There were art and craft activities too.

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