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Kent - Lullingstone Country Park Visitor Centre threatened with closure!

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Marina Tue 01-Mar-05 16:17:04

Hope no-one minds my posting this - it might affect quite a few mumsnetters from London and NW Kent.
Lullingstone Country Park in the Darenth Valley has a nice, low-key Visitor Centre with a cafe, an education room, pleasant loos and friendly staff with knowledge of the park's footpaths etc. It is on a waymarked walk along the Darenth and always seems very busy whenever we are there.
So why are Sevenoaks District Council withdrawing its funding and forcing its likely closure in April of this year?
If anyone wants to write to them and complain, please CAT me and I will send you the address to write to. Tut! One of our top weekend days out under threat...

Marina Wed 02-Mar-05 10:37:33

my first ever self-centred bump....calling all Kent and SE london Mumsnetters...

Dingle Wed 02-Mar-05 10:41:02

Could you get a petition going Marina? I don't know if many people I know would actually sit and write a letter but I am sure that I could get a few signatures from my neck of the woods.
I'm in Medway, but have friend and family in Dartford.

Marina Wed 02-Mar-05 10:46:38

Good idea Dingle. I am going to ring SDC first and find out why they decided to close it, and as I am not "local" check out the local papers to see if there is already a campaign I can add my voice to. Thanks!

Dingle Wed 02-Mar-05 10:50:43

Keep me informed Marina, CAT me if need be! We are in desperate need of child friendly places to visit, we have some lovely wooded walks nearby, but dd has SN and doesn't walk that far, so we need somewhere buggy friendly!

I would be more than happy to help out!

addle Wed 09-Mar-05 17:00:36

Hello Marina,

I'd happily sign that petition - we've been out there a few times. Addle

Marina Wed 23-Mar-05 13:01:49

An update for Dingle and addle and all other interested parties - I'm really pleased to say I've just had a mail from the Education Officer at Lullingstone, and they are to be transferred to Kent County Council's management and kept open. So it's to Sevenoaks District Council and to KCC!
Any Mumsnetters who haven't been here, it's lovely. Handy for the A20/M25 (plus trains) and such pretty, accessible countryside for young families. Roman Villa, sweet little stately home, country park, two villages with paddling opportunities, and one of Southern England's finest chalk streams in the River Darenth. All accessible from a fairly buggy-friendly, well-signposted, valley walk.
Well worth a visit!

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 13:14:31

Great news Marina. I will put my fighting hat away safely in the cupbaord ready for the next time it's needed!

I must admit to never have been there, but as dd has her SN major buggy now, we may well try it out on your recommendation!

Well done!

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