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Chessington Fright Night, Has anyone been?

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Tas1 Mon 29-Sep-08 18:49:32

My DD11 & DD13 would like to go to Fright Night at Halloween.
Has anyone been, whats it like?
Would it be ok for my DD5?

misi Mon 29-Sep-08 22:42:33

yes, went several years ago, very good, not sure if ok for a 5 year old although my 6 year old neice went with us and was thrilled by the whole thing even when dressed up staff jumpied out on you to scare you. it is a bit dark there as it started later in the evening, (after 7 the year I went) they did try to sell many of the glo sticks at quite high prices but we took torches with halloween shapes attached to the front lens (from tesco I think, about 99p back then) and the fireworks were really good. The shows around the place were good too. my son was just about 1 when I went but he was asleep in his puschair most of the time even when all the noise was going on (sleeps through anything now too). oh and the rides at night were a totally different experience, writing about this, I think I will have to look at going again!!

Tas1 Tue 30-Sep-08 13:38:30

Thanks Misi, I think if the weather is ok, we will go, it sounds fab.

Milliways Tue 30-Sep-08 17:02:16

If it is anything like the Thorpe Park Fright Nights, go early!

We go for a whole day, arrive at 10ish and the PArk is almost empty. Loads don't arrive until 6pm (special cheap rate).

We therefore get to go on all the rides and then stay in the dark looking at the extra stuff, getting the atmosphere.

I would NOT take a 5yr old into the mazes though. They are pitch black and the characters jump out of nowhere. My older kids freaked!

CarGirl Tue 30-Sep-08 17:04:27

It's good but very busy.....!

misi Tue 30-Sep-08 22:46:03

agree with milliways, we went early, spent all day on the rides as it was not overly busy, then all hell broke loose when the park 're-opened' for the fright part.

was in tescos earlier, their halloween torches are £2 this year, pretty basic but lasting longer than the glo sticks and can be turned on and off to create more fright grin

Tas1 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:37:02

Thanks everyone.

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