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our day trip to southend from london!

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sunshine185 Sun 31-Aug-08 12:29:36

hi there,
dh and i took advantage of the weather yesterday and took ds (27 months) to southend yesterday for a day trip and had a lovely time.

other than dissapointing fish and chips (can get better in london) and driving (from london, lots of traffic getting into and out of southend) so train from fenchurch st would have been faster 50 mins) we had a lovely time.

we paid £10 for a wristband for ds to go on as many kiddie rides as he wanted (supervised with one of us) which he loved!

we hung out on the beach with ds's bucket and spade!

took the train to the end of the pier (1.3 miles, longest in the world) which ds loved being thomas mad... however it was very windy and cold at the other end (so take cardy) and not much to see or do and not ideal for a toddler to run around...

lovely day out and will do it again, but by train!

MarsLady Sun 31-Aug-08 12:32:20

There's a train that goes from a station very close to me. If I hadn't have been taking DD2 to the theatre I'd've probably seen you there. Glad you had a great time!

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