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Night out for Mums recommendation

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bluesky Thu 28-Aug-08 17:08:32

I've recently been to see EUROBEAT, which is just about to transfer to the West End, with Les Dennis and Mel Giedroyc in. It's hysterical. And well worth a good giggle of a night out.

It's Eurovision set in Sarajevo, all a big mickey taking really. You get given a country when you arrive (I was Sweden) and you can buy flags etc. Each country (10) perform, it's worth going just to see the 'russian' entry boy band in white lycra (!) in the interval you text your 3 favourites and then after interval we have the "Votes In". The actors and actresses are brilliant, having to do quick costume changes to be another country. Ireland loses himself in the smoke machine, Greece looks like Nana Mis-wotsername before turning into a vixen etc. Even Terry himself talk to you from a big screen.

They have a website that might explain it better than me. But we did think it was a fun eve out. Anyone else seen it whilst it's been on tour?

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