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Legoland advice please

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clumsymum Thu 21-Aug-08 15:59:20

We are taking ds for his birthday on 1st Sept.

I have questions, and ringing Legoland just gets me onto a menu system, with no way to speak to an actual person (even tho' it says press * to speak to an operator, it doesn't work angry)

1. I'm disabled, and use a mobility scooter cos I can't walk far. Does that mean dh will get in free as my carer ?

2. we think we'll get a Qbot thingy. Now ds will want to go on everything, and we plan that sometimes I will go on with him, sometimes dh will. It's unlikely that we'll all go on things, partly cos of keeping an eye on my scooter. Do we need to register a Qbot for all 3 of us (costing £30) or can dh and I interchange, registering it for 2?

Sorry if these questions sound stingy, but as we need to pay for hotel accommodation too, and we have just had 2 days in London (eye-wateringly expensive) we're trying to watch the pennies a bit.

clumsymum Thu 21-Aug-08 16:40:19


clumsymum Thu 21-Aug-08 17:28:06


AbbaFan Thu 21-Aug-08 17:37:36

Sorry I have been to Legoland this year but don't know the answer to your questions.

I am sure someone will be along soon with the answer you need.

AbbaFan Thu 21-Aug-08 17:37:36

Sorry I have been to Legoland this year but don't know the answer to your questions.

I am sure someone will be along soon with the answer you need.

clumsymum Thu 21-Aug-08 19:41:31

thanks AbbaFan

cerys Thu 21-Aug-08 19:52:55

You can interchange with the Q-Bot thing! (well, we did without a problem)

hope someone knows the answer to the other one

nannynick Thu 21-Aug-08 20:17:44

Now that Legoland is part of Merlin, it seems to me as though some things like the phones and e-mail have been centralised. Probably best to E-mail:
They can take a while to respond, but with luck they can confirm the situation regarding carers. The website says: Registered Personal Assistant - I don't know though who the carer is supposed to be registered with! I take children with autism... I had my own pass, but some of the children have a Merlin Pass and a Merlin Carer Pass. If you are going to visit several Merlin attractions in the next year, could be worth getting a Merlin Annual Pass (for you) and getting a free Carer Pass. See for details.

1. No I don't think so, unless he is registered as a personal assistant. But see above about Merlin Annual Pass with Carer Pass.

2. Sorry, I've never used Q-Bot.
The Legoland Disabilities FAQ says that the following rides are not accessible via the usual queue line if you are in a wheel-chair, so for these rides you can use the ride exit. Rides: Jungle Coaster, Sky Rider, Extreme Team Challenge, Duplo Train, Boating School, Dragon Coaster and Dragon’s Apprentice.

How old is DS?

clumsymum Fri 22-Aug-08 14:29:16

Thanks Nannynick.
DS will be 9 on sept 1st.

dilligaf Sat 23-Aug-08 09:34:25

Hi. we used Qbot 2 weeks ago. there were 6 adults and 2 children in our party and we paid for 4 people (£40 instead of £80) and it worked fine. We just swapped who chose to go on each ride with the children. I am sure you would be O.K doing the same.

littleducks Sat 23-Aug-08 09:52:27

I would really try and talk to somebody, email or perhaps talk in person to guest services in the day as when i have been at legoland, people in wheelchairs (and i think on scooters) have always entered from the exit so you may be able to do that for the rides nannynick has listed which would save you alot of queuing time.

ATM if you want to ride the jungle coaster, you have to go first thing in the morning and collect a timed ticket to return (and then queue) do check if this is still operating on sept 1st as otherwise you wont be able to ride.

where are you staying?

clumsymum Sat 23-Aug-08 17:42:36

Hi, thanks all.

So it looks like I am cleared to book a 2 person qbot.
I've emailed about whether DH can co in free, waiting for a response. He got a free ticket for London eye, and for London Eye River Cruise last week, as my carer, so I'm hoping Merlin use the same system.

Littleducks, we got a £29 room at the Travelodge.

littleducks Sat 23-Aug-08 20:14:28

london eye is merlin-or at least i can go there on my merlin pass so fingers crossed

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