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Lapland UK 2008

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LIZS Tue 19-Aug-08 18:00:52

Lapland UK seems to be happening again this year albeit I think at a different location (Bewl Water, Kent). Booking opens 8th September. Mixed reviews last year.

MerrySquiffness Wed 24-Dec-08 11:07:02

I would just like to wish Dot and the foxes and all the other workers at Lapland a very merry Christmas.

These threads are fast becoming a christmas tradition and I do so enjoy your lovely amusing I'm-not-a-troll-i-just-don't-like-to-post-on-other-threads-but-have-to-come-on-here-because-it-was-a ll-so-magical posts. Havign wasted a shedload of dosh at the event last year, I find that the protestations on here are so funny that they are almost shifting the cost-benefit analysis of the whole thing to a more reasonable level.

Looking forward to next year's protestations eagerly. But you will have to change your stlye of writing to something a bit posher if you are going to pretend to be from Windsor.

mummychristmas Tue 23-Dec-08 19:25:52

they are going to have 2 next year - one in windsor park.

i though it was well worth the money - we arrived at 1.30pm got out at 9.15pm. had our tea there as well as lunch.

worth every penny - and i'd say if thought i had been ripped off.

quint Tue 09-Dec-08 15:16:02

Yep - agree FF, I've said all along its expensive, and as they seemed to have taken on board comments from last year hopefully as you say it will come down in price but as long as it isn't at the expense of the quality of the day.

filbertfox Tue 09-Dec-08 13:05:30

Lets be honest though, £75 per head is a lot of money and it was a big jump from last year. As I have said before, we really enjoyed ourselves when we went and I could pretty much appreciate how much the whole thing costs to set up and take down, but I am sure that the demand last year meant that the proprietors priced the event on the top side. We booked in October but there appeared to be open bookings on the web-site right up until the last minute, suggesting that the high price was keeping people away. Hopefully, if there is a next time, they will learn from this and reduce prices so more people might get the opportunity to visit

quint Tue 09-Dec-08 12:10:56

Yes and people complained last year!!!!!!!

SO they have made improvements, i.e more snow, better arrival, food, more activities etc etc. You can't have it both ways.

You obviously don't like it and won't be going - fine, not a problem, but you can't say its crap this year and how can they justify £85 a ticket when you've not been this year. Even DH who is known for being tight and couldn't belive the price of the ticket (£75 when we went) said actually it was worth it.

mamamea Tue 09-Dec-08 11:58:07

> Well I'm sure they could have doe it cheaper for say £25, oh hang on a couple of others have done that and it was crap!

They managed to do it for that price last year. It's no use saying 'we need to pay for this and this and this and this and it all adds up to £85', when we know that they charged much less last year.

mymama Tue 09-Dec-08 01:07:05

Fossilsister we went last year and did get a little letter from FC in January to say he had enjoyed the visit. It was on the same paper with the same seal as the invitation. Ours was posted to OZ so probably took a bit longer so your dc might still get one after Christmas.

Califraukincense Tue 09-Dec-08 00:52:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quint Mon 08-Dec-08 07:43:59

Well I'm sure they could have doe it cheaper for say £25, oh hang on a couple of others have done that and it was crap!

Tehy have to pay the staff and we all know if you want your staff to be happy and do a good job you need to pay them well, it is proper log cabins not B&Q sheds, apparently it takes 3 months to put up and take down, I've been to Alton Towers and Chessington - the food is shit and far more expensive than £6. It may be out of season for those theme parks,but I think that this is probably high season for a christmas themed event! Rental of the park, all the scenery, lights, snow, snow machine, insurance, health and safety stuff and where do you manager to go ice skating for less than £5 for an unlimited time - not somehwere where childrn think they have elves helping them after they've just met FC. All the fab costumes, the gift, I suppose you could make that optional but your children might be a bot upset to see some kids walking around with a present that they weren't able to get. The reindeer, huskies and handlers - should I go on?

Mummy Christmas have a great time, as an adult you have to suspend your disbelief a bit but as long as you enter into the spirit of you you will have as good a time as your children.

Mamamea - have a fab time in Eygpt, I'm sure you will also have a great time

mamamea Sun 07-Dec-08 14:23:26

"then i come back and see suggestions that all positive posters are trolls."

Now now, don't distort what was said.

mamamea Sun 07-Dec-08 14:22:07

" if you price up a theme park before food, souviners, rides etc its not alot differant "

No really, it is.

You are going off-peak for £65.

A day out at the theme park (Alton Towers, Chessington) will cost about £16 - there's absolutely no reason to pay full price, and BOGOF vouchers are everywhere. And at every theme park I've ever been to, rides are included. As for food at a theme park, you can bring your own, or it's £4-£6 depending on what you eat. So that's £20 for adults, and maybe £30 for kids if you buy them a souvenir (although not everybody will want to, and it's nice not to pay for things you don't want).

Even if you pay full price (god only knows why anybody would), it's still much cheaper, and you do get a full day rather than four hours

mummychristmas Sun 07-Dec-08 13:43:09

we are going on the 19th and really looking forward to it. i read terrible reviews last year and still decided to book. they have obviously learnt many lessons but isnt it always the case when something is so new.

have watched the video on their site and yes i feel very glad i booked it. its not the same as the real lapland but then its not. and yes the snow is fake but theres not a lot they can so about that is there.

days out are like anything and are what you make it. for the chldren its magical its only us that notice the other bits. if you go with the impression this is going to be crap then 1. you should have saved your money and not booked 2. it probably will be.

will report back but i know one thing for sure - i will make it every second of it extra special for ds 7.

Simplysally Sat 06-Dec-08 23:19:17

My daughter saw Santa at Bluewater the weekend it opened - which was about the middle of November! and I can confirm that there was real reindeer there. They did look a bit fed up but maybe they were waiting for their supper or were fed up with people gawking at them. Santa was free to visit although we opted not to have a picture taken but you did get a present - it was a condensed version of Wind in the Willows. My dd was quite happy with that.

Just thought I'd post that .

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 23:18:06

mahumbug i love simple stuff too, dd and i are involved at the toy service for church,and gave money to the rotary santa at tescos, go to school fair etc

I spent most of last night making 75 peppermint creams for christmas craft gifts kids are making.we did gingerbread lat week smile

But LaplandUK was our special thing. When i did my first post on this thread, it was because alot of people doubts other reviews due to Dotfox

then i come back and see suggestions that all positive posters are trolls.sad

then its suggested by paying £65 i must be uberrich - i wish!shock

i am just another mumsnetter trying to post a view as quint has said - this isnt a bashing post for anyone who liked lapland uk -is it?

quint Sat 06-Dec-08 23:02:13

I do not work for Lapalnd UKand am not a troll.

Sorry some of you had such a shit time last year, I had a great time this year as did my children, husband and parents.

Of course its not as good as going to the real Lapland, but if anyone thought it would be then you're an idiot!

If you don't want to spend that kind of money (which is fair enough as I've said all along it is expensive) then fine but don;t have a go at people who are writing positive reviews about a great day out they've had or accuse them of being PR for the company.

If you already have tickets - go you'll have a fab time, its nothing to do with the other 2 that have been slated.

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 22:55:13

they have live reindeer in bluewater?isnt that a bit cruel?
I am self employed as is hubby and we do not earn mega bucks. we just wanted something special this year - as i say, i dont think its mega expensive for a full day out including food.We could never afford the real lapland.

MaHumbug Sat 06-Dec-08 22:50:53

And do you know what I'm most excited about?

When the Rotary Club bring Santa round the neighbourhood on his sleigh collecting for a childrens charity.

Simple things are always the best.

MaHumbug Sat 06-Dec-08 22:48:49

Ah yes, Santas Grotto is free in Bluewater - photo is an extra fiver. They have real reindeer too. And for the price of a family of 6, you could go to CenterParcs for a week - they have a winter wonderland theme going on at the moment.

It's a very, very expensive attraction - I just can't see it being within many peoples budgets.

BTW I like your name BahSomeBug winkgrin

BahSomeBug Sat 06-Dec-08 19:50:40

Respect to those who are happy to pay for this sort of christmas experience - I am sure there's lots to be said for them.

I do think, however, that there are plenty of free (or far cheaper than £65.00 per person) similar christmas event alternatives.

I haven't looked much, but I did happen to notice several free local events which had a santa and live reindeers, for instance.

All you have to do is look in your local paper, events listings magazine like Primary Times, or on local events websites.

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 18:59:08

Oh and FC did talk to our DD about her interests and

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 18:57:57

i have just re read this post due to task avoidence winkand suddenly feel under suspicion of being a troll and/or working for lapland uk??!! angry

I had a lovely time there with my hubby and DD, we paid £65 each - it gets more expensive as it gets closer to chrimbo, like many attractions do, and whilst i still think it was a bit expensive, My DD has not stopped talking about it, we were looked after very well - we were over an hour late getting there due to 4 accidents on the motorway and it being closed whilst we were still on it shock but despite this, the staff reassured us we would still get to do everything and we were not made to feel rushed.

Everything except the family photo with santa was included this year, and this was optional - ok most people buy this, our was actually excellent and made a great pressie for grandma smile

or am i not allowed to say all this because i am obviously either a liar or working for the company [hmmm]

It is the only big family christmas thing we have done this year,we dont do shopping centre grottos (local one £6 before any photo) and i think if you price up a theme park before food, souviners, rides etc its not alot differant

LadyLauraStandish Sat 06-Dec-08 17:31:41

Good tip, BahSomeBug!

BahSomeBug Sat 06-Dec-08 17:26:23

Here's a FREE alternative to Lapland UK with:

live reindeer
land train and grotto
showers of falling 'snow'
craft workshops
mini 'tea cup' roundabout ride
carol singers and harp player
roving entertainers
Shetland pony and trap
pets corner with rabbits and guinea pigs
weaving, spinning and willow work
prize draws.... all this is planned (according to the website, anyway).

The event is called the Charlton Christmas Cracker. It's at Charlton House, Charlton SE7 on Saturday afternoon, 13 December. I saw it on the Greenwich Council website -

So for all you Greenwich people, it could be a good alternative to the more expensive christmas events out there.grin

FossilSister Fri 05-Dec-08 20:49:51

Went about 10 days ago.

Hulababy Fri 05-Dec-08 20:20:12

Sorry, I meant FS

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