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Any discount ticket deals for the IMAX cinema at Waterloo?

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tigermoth Wed 16-Feb-05 09:04:25

Anyone know of for this half term?

batters Wed 16-Feb-05 09:19:01

Tigermoth - don't know any but am bumping for you.

Did you spot you were wanted on the media section re babysitters?

Hope you and your boys are having a fab half term.


stripey Wed 16-Feb-05 09:22:36

Not sure if IMAX is included but you can often find deals to London attractions if you travel by train. We received a leaflet recently where adults are 2 for 1 at the Aquarium and Zoo. Actually just found the leaflet try think IMAX is listed

tigermoth Wed 16-Feb-05 09:46:20

thanks stripey - I found that site when I googled my IMAX discount question. It only seems to work if we get proper train tickets, though. As we live only a few tube stops away from waterloo, I don't think that will count.

Batters, yes I did spot the media thread thing and emailed sue - had no reply though. The boys are having a good half term - lots of cricket playing in the park (oh how I just love this - not). Dh and I are taking it in turns to stay with them and they go to a holday playclub on Friday.

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