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Go Ape at Dalby

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LooptheLoop Thu 14-Aug-08 16:24:32

Has anyone been here and what did you reckon? Is there enough to keep you busy all day?

I'm planning it for a day out with two very active teenagers.


ChipButty Thu 14-Aug-08 16:27:46

Know Dalby well but have not been on Go Ape (I'm too much of a wimp!). However, I have seen it and it looks fantastic! In addition there are some fantastic walks or you can buy an orienteering challenge at the tourist centre. Also think you can hire bikes as there are mountain bike trails. We will be there next week!

branflake81 Fri 15-Aug-08 12:22:39

I haven't done the Dalby one but have done Grizedale Forest and Yorkshire which are the same. if you're just doing the tehe obstacle course thing it isn't enough to last all day (maybe 2 hours?).

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 15-Aug-08 12:26:02

We have done one in a different part of the country.

The aerial stuff took perhaps three hours altogether, add in a picnic afterwards and that will be a half-day easily.

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