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need somewhere baby and toddler friendly to go for lunch in Brum

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smallwhitecat Wed 13-Aug-08 12:55:16

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat Wed 13-Aug-08 13:48:31

Message withdrawn

Volkl Wed 13-Aug-08 13:57:26

i took DS to brindley place there are a few places down there that catered for kids, gave him crayons etc.... Its right next to the sealife centre too - that can waste an hour or so!

ChairmumMiaow Wed 13-Aug-08 13:59:16

There's a wagamama at the bottom of the bullring. That's generally very child friendly (not taken DS there yet, but have heard lots of good things!)

smallwhitecat Wed 13-Aug-08 13:59:31

Message withdrawn

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