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Wimbledon/London stuff to do

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boredmama Sun 13-Feb-05 22:59:53

This is my first time on here, am looking for activities/days out/playgroups anything to entertain my two girls (one nearly 3 , one 5 months) and for me !! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Ive exhausted London Zoo, farms, museums etc, not that im a hard one to please but daytime TV and cbeebies is driving me crazy...


MaggieW Wed 16-Feb-05 18:15:11

Try your local council play co-ordinator - they'll advise you re One O'clock clubs/playgroups etc. Also leisure centres (Putney, Tooting etc) run activities/swimming classes each morning/pm for the under 5's. They're cheap and range from arts/crafts to bouncy castles etc. They also have playzones - soft play areas which are also reasonably priced. Wimbledon YMCA also has a daily childrens programme of various activities. Local churches have playgroups too - and you don't usually have to be a church member to go. NCT also various playgroups.

Cristina7 Wed 16-Feb-05 18:26:20

The library has some folders with info on local activities and there's also a play directory you can pick up. With spring and nice weather coming up soon (hopefully) it will get easier to entertain your little girls in the park. Welcome to MN BTW, I've only been on here for 2 weeks or less but I like it very much.

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