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i want to reccomend the Merlin pass to all mumsnetters.

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stitch Sun 10-Aug-08 23:54:59

i think it is absolutely brilliant. grin
it seems a bit steep, paying out £375 for four people, but, we have only had it for less than two months, and i already feel we have had our moneys worth.
we have been to chessington four times, and will be going again on wednesday.
legoland once, as its a bti further away, but not getting on all the rides or queing for ages wasnt a problem, as i wasnt worrying about getting our moneys worth, iyswim
london dungeons, only once, but even though we had to queue for two hours, as we were with friends who couldnt use the fast pass queue, it was still worth it.
london eye, well, i haven tbeen yet, as always thougt it way way to expensive, but we will go now.
warwick castle, we intend to use as a services grin

and it goes on for the whole year. smile brilliant.

stitch Sun 10-Aug-08 23:56:18

merlin pass

Bowddee Sun 10-Aug-08 23:57:38

Ahh, that's what I was going to ask for.

Skramble Sun 10-Aug-08 23:59:25

I loved that at both the London Eye and Madamm Tusauds you jump the queue grin.

What other discounts can you get other than at the parks? No mention on the website. So far I have found these....
25% off at Coral Reef Water world.
20% off at
Kids half price at Vue cinemas.
Up to 30% off RAC Memberships.
Kids eat free at Ooutback Steakhouse.

Any more????

ChasingSquirrels Sun 10-Aug-08 23:59:43

even better with tesco vouchers...

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 00:01:27

oo skramble i didnt know about htose....

we got 20% off coffee and doughnuts at chessington,
10% off ice cream at legoland
15% off kids tat in the shop at the dungeons blush
must tell dh about the rac memberships.

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 00:03:09

squirrels, they stopped doing them witht he clubcard vouchers when i was looking to buy in may/june, and they were no longer doing the family card, which is four for the price of three. have they restarted?

they are also showing that if yourenew, then the next year is £300, instead of £375, though i think two years in a row may be a bit much. blush

ChasingSquirrels Mon 11-Aug-08 00:03:34

legoland annual pass is 10% off in lego shop there, is the merlin annual pass the same?
don't get 10% off icecreams with legoland annual pass, only off food.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 11-Aug-08 00:05:37

Out*4294967293|Theme Parks clubcard, don't know about the family card

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 00:14:49

thats the individual one, and they have upped the price for that. my friend bough two, one for her, and one for her dc, and still had to pay an extre thirty pounds whe n she went to collect. sad
the legoland annual pass is different to the merlin. the merlin allows you a years free entry into lots of different attractions.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 11-Aug-08 00:18:34

i know it is different.
That link says merlin annual pass - not the old tussards one (which does need the £30 upgrade).
even if you have to buy individual ones it is still alot cheaper if you have enough vouchers.

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 00:19:55

yes, but what i am saying is, that even if you pay the full whack, 375, which we did, it is still worth every penny.
which is why i want to reccomend it to all mnetters. grin

ChasingSquirrels Mon 11-Aug-08 00:23:39

i know - and i was just pointing out that if people have clubcard vouchers it is even more worthwhile (in case there is anyone out there who still spends theor vouchers at tesco), you said it wasn't available anymore, I was just pointing out that it did seem to be.

Anyway, seems like you are definately getting your money out of it. Enjoy chessington on wed.

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 00:28:12


Skramble Mon 11-Aug-08 00:35:39

Merlin gives you free access to

Legoland (inc special events)+ 50% off pictures with a photo pass, 10% of restaurants (not franchises)and shopping, Preferred parking for £11, two for 1 mini golf, Babychinos for 30p after 2pm, Hot Choc for £2.

Chessington + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping, 20% off express pass.

London Dungeon + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping,

Alton Towers + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping, earlier access, free parking, 20% off Cariba Creek entry. 20% off hotel stays.

London Aquarium + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping.

Sea Life/ Sanctuaries + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping.

Chessington + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping, 20% off ultimate passes, up to 75% off holiday inn at chessington.

London eye + 20% off River cruise. 20% off shopping. Faster entry.

Madam Tusauds + Faster entry (vip lift), Fre entry to Chamber Live. 20% off in shop.

Thorpe Park + 20% of eating (not franchises)and shopping, £5 off phot pass.

Warwick Castle + 10% or 20% off eating, 20% off shopping, free parking at stratford road car park.

20% off food bill in Little Chef

10% off Afrika Afrika circus at Trafford.

Skramble Mon 11-Aug-08 00:44:26

Might get you into to these too, but they don't advertise it, the pass you get here they say gets you entry into top UK merlin attractions. But worth a go if you are going anyway.

Entrance into our International Madame Tussauds attractions
Entrance into Heide Park, Germany
Unlimited entrance into Portaventura, Spain (x1 entrance per pass)
Entrance into Park Asterix, France.

MarsLady Mon 11-Aug-08 01:04:01

it seems lovely stitch but we are more than 4 and I don't think paying for 2 passes is good for me!

stitch Mon 11-Aug-08 01:08:21

marsy, the family of four one is 375, which works out as four passes for the pirce of three. the individual passses are 125.
what it has meant for us is lots of days out this year. okie, limited to the places on it, but still worth every penny. i know you are more than four, but ifyou were all to go to a theme park, then it would cost more than it does for us. and this way it means we get to go to the theme parks lots and lots.

smile i just want to recommend something i have found that i think is wonderful. check back on me in a years time, and i may well be saying i never want to see a theme par k again in my life ever, ever .ever. grin

Nikiii Sun 24-Aug-08 15:43:30

I've had a annual pass for 6 years in a row, and i still love it, i use it most weekends, and nearly everyday over the holidays, i live very close to thrope park and know it like the back of my hand. It's amazing, i use the tesco vouchers to get mine, and its diffinatly worth while, but i only know of the named stuff, so if anyone knows any other stuff that i can use my pass for, please let me know :d thanks x

SqueakyPop Sun 24-Aug-08 15:52:56

I'm tempted

We live almost next door to Thorpe Park and pretty close to Legoland. My boys have Thorpe Park passes, and we have had Legoland ones in the past.

The good thing about a pass is that you can go for just an hour or two - you don't have to endure a whole day carting around picnics and coats.

mustrunmore Sun 24-Aug-08 15:57:30

Really good value if you have that much disposable income, but tbh we wouldnt spend that much on going places per yr anyway! Having said that, we get 40 free Merlin entries a year, and we've only got 9 of this years left now, including giving to other people. So it proves you can go a fair few times before you get pig sick of places smile

ELR Fri 24-Oct-08 14:05:53

you get 20% off at cafe rouge too

jellyncustard Thu 25-Jan-18 17:18:56

New terms and conditions!!! Beware!!! No entry into THORPE PARK Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and Warwick Castle on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday in August 2018 or the 1st and 2nd September 2018

madasamarchhare Sat 27-Jan-18 10:26:55

The above is true but only if you have a standard pass. If you have a premium pass there are no restrictions and you get the added benefit of parking included. I know at Thorpe park and Alton towers this is about £6 per time.

jellyncustard Wed 31-Jan-18 17:23:17

Premium Pass is an additional £50 per year per person

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